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Cookies on the Kamado Joe Big Joe

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I love baking on the Kamado Joe Big Joe. The temps are rock solid when set. I just did some Papa Murphys take and bake on the Big Joe.


The pizzas were fantastic, smoky hearth oven tasting, but baking desserts on the Kamado Joe Big Joe is becoming more and more entertaining.

Here was what we started with, some real basic chocolate chip cookies the wife whipped up while I was outside baking the pizzas.


Just set on the Kamado Joe Big Joe accessory rack with heat deflectors and pizza stone. (Sorry no flash.)


Here is the deliciousness I ended up with. Super soft with a great crust on the bottom of the cookie.


Unfortunately, I didn't get any of the cookies as wife and children ate them up before I got a chance to taste. There was total and complete silence as they were eaten, so they must have been good!

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Loving all of them! The versatility they provide is unreal! Just the other day I smoked a 2 and a half lb sirloin roast on the Kamado Joe Joe Jr., roasted a holiday loin roast at high temp on the Kamado Joe Classic, while baking and smoking with peach wood a couple spaghetti squash cut in half covered in olive oil, brown sugar, and honey on the Kamado Joe Big Joe. I couldn't be more excited to come up with menus that incorporate all three somehow!

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