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Bayou top vent


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I was at my buddies house who owns a Bayou Classic that I inspected more than I had in the past since I got a Kamado Joe and I was telling him about the trick in rotating the top vent to keep the pivot point in a straight line running front to back on the lid to keep it in place while opening the top. He showed me that the Bayou had a bolt in the front that apparently kept it in place. My question is, is there a trick to keeping the top vent in place on a Bayou, or do you have to use the front bolt, etc.? I have no experience with the Bayou other than a few minutes looking at it. Let me know what you fellas do about the top vent.

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I find this top vent annoying. Overall, happy with this grill. Great supplement to my Bkk. Just seems like they got lazy with the top vent design. I was thinking that if a smoke wares vent would fit I would have solved my issue. Anybody know if it fits? Or any mods to make it work. http://www.wholesalepatiostore.com/images/EWVCphoto.jpg

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