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Naked Whiz-Review of the Primo Oval XL 400 Grill & Accessories

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Interesting they are already working on a permanent solution to the band issue. I figured the little straps were a temporary fix until they could get something going in the next production run.

Definitely a nice review.

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I'd have to disagree with this comment: 


"As you can see in the photos below, the Primo hinge is one big sturdy assembly with the advantage that there is really no opportunity for the hinge to get out of adjustment"


While I have been a proud Primo owner for close to 9 years, I have first hand experience with the hinge getting out of adjustment.  The only fix for me, in spite of attempting the recommended adjustment procedures emailed to me by Primo, was purchasing a new hinge & band assembly.  Now it works great.  Of course, mine had experienced heavy usage but at the end of it's life, my lid would not sit properly on the base.  It was cocked to one side and prevented a tight seal.  All in all this is such a minor point of contention, as the hinge outlasted it's warranty period so I really have zero complaints.  I'm just pointing out that lid misalignment does happen on these grills.

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