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Auber PID Controller And The Akorn

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On 7/22/2018 at 8:21 AM, Sig said:

Do these parameters work for the Auberin's 2615 as well?  I'm using the 6 or 6.5 CFM fan.  The factory settings are:





Im also interested if anyone found better settings, it seems 55,999,80,15 works a bit better for me.

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I have an Akorn and a Big Joe.  Temp control is exponentially easier on the Big Joe than the Akorn, and I've made it air-tight with nomex gaskets everywhere and RTV behind the slider.  


You can (and after a few years I have) figure out precision control on the Akorn, but the learning curve is much higher than on a ceramic.  It's way more finicky to too many lit coals, and even the extra air that opening the lid creates.  For me, the trick is to let it get within 50 degrees of target, then close the bottom slider to around the screw (so just baaaarly open) and the top to a crescent moon.  There's still some air flow in the cooker (Though not nearly as much as with my KJ) and it "locks" in the temp, gets CBS relatively quickly, and makes great food.  But I've also found the Akorn to react more to ambient temp swings too, so in some environments, I wouldn't trust it for an overnight cook the same way I would with a KJ.


For overnight cooks, I rigged the slider to accept the Billows fan.  While not perfect, if I set it to around 210, it'll maintain 225 for 18hours.  I'm not familiar with the Auber, but I know a lot of people like it, but one thing you mentioned sounds off - you said when the temp gets back down to 225, the fan kicks in.  Why would the fan kick in at 225?  If that's your target temp, shouldn't it either just pulse or remain off until it drops to something like 210/215?




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