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    • By pathos
      did a homemade tropical island style rub on these today and it was a very good rub but I still feel like there was something missing to take it over the top.  still can't put my finger on it.  guess I'll have to eat a few more later on and then let me my mind work on figuring out what was missing.  It might just be that I didn't give it long to marinate, only a couple of hours.  Perhaps if I went for 12 hours or over night that might be the thing that I found lacking.  don't mind the state of the grill.  I did a complete burn off after this cook and now it is clean as a whistle.

    • By Rob_grill_apprentice
      I made a Napolenta style pizza dough today. I will be baking the pizzas tomorrow. Plan is to make a basic tomatoe sauce tomorrow using two types of basil in it, Lemon basil and Genoveses basil.
      Tomorrow I will update with sauce and final product. I am doing this test run because in two weeks my smoked mozzerla will be ready, The second picture is dough after proofing. It has been covered with olive oil extra virgin. Did this by bushing bowl with the oil and then rolling ball in bowl. Dough is now in refrigerator and will be taken out two hours before I plan to use it.

    • By Smokehowze
      Sausage Making & Charcuterie Guide On Information, Equipment, Materials & Supplies
      In case you are not directly following the new Charcuterie section of the forum, but have an interest in the world of making sausage and cured meats, I have developed a downloadable 20 page PDF reference document that is a guide on information, equipment, materials, and other items useful for the home production of sausages and cured meats.
      This guide covers the following aspects:
      I.        Some Useful Books on Sausage & Charcuterie
      II.       Some Sausage Making Websites
      III.      Some Typical Sausage Supplies & Sources
      IV.      Some Typical Sausage Equipment & Sources
      V.       Some Typical Sources for Sausage & Meat Curing Environmental Control & Measuring
      VI.      Some Smoke Generation Approaches
      VII.     Personal & Food Safety/Handling & Sanitizing
      VIII.    Storage Ideas
      IX.      Some Sausage Related Ideas from ‘Smokehowze’
      X.       Some Useful References
      Here is the link:  http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/25670-the-‘smokehowze’-sausage-making-charcuterie-guide-on-information-equipment-materials-supplies/?p=342546 
    • By ssv3
      I love buffalo meat. I made some buffalo burgers with home made buns a few nights back.
      Made a quick spread instead of mayo this time

      The buns prior to hitting the kamado

      Baked at 375*

      About 20 mins and they're done. This was my second try at buns and results were much better but I think I needed go a few mins more.



      Bring on the meat

      Coming together

      And a sammie is born

      The guts

      More spread for the last few bites

      Needless to say it was delicious and cell pics don't do it justice.
      Thanks for looking!
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