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Blue Cheese Crusted NY Srip

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Last night I experimented with a blue cheese mix crust on a strip steak. The experiment was to see if I could re-create a broiler effect during the final sear process of a reverse sear. I wanted crusty cheese, but didn't want to over cook the steak by sticking it into an actual broiler oven.


The first indirect low & slow phase went as usual, but I added a 10" cast iron skillet and lid to the grill to preheat. The lid was not covering the skillet. It was placed directly on the grill side by side with the skillet.


The second phase was normal. I removed the steak, opened all of the vents wide open and allowed both the skillet and the lid to reach screaming hot temps. (my infrared thermometer read 800+ surface temp on the cast iron at one point) 


The first side of the steak seared in the skillet for 1 minute, Once I flipped the steak, I added the blue cheese mixture and covered the steak with the screaming hot cast iron lid for another minute. 


SUCCESS! Adding the super hot cast iron lid forced a broiler like heat down onto the cheese, melting it & making it almost crusty. At the same time finishing the sear. 



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Yes, Craig, I'd like me a bite or two of that cook. The dialogue here on KG is much clearer than what I gleaned from the FB writeup. Exceptionally well done and an awesome looking cook.


So, the last phase of the cook had you put the lid on the skillet, but the lid did not touch the steak or topping. It was just a cover?

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