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It's just the wife and I so we debated joining Costco, last weekend we took the plunge. We picked up a vacum sealer to store the extra, but the prices seemed good. With the pork chops I marinaded them in soy, water,pepper and lemon and garlic. Tennessee Smokey posted the marinade, cooked them indirec till 140 tasted great.


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Where I grew up it was a 3 hr highway drive to the nearest Costco, and some people still have memberships. Now I live within 10 miles of 3 different Costco locations, and I complain that they're all too busy and they need to open another one, I guess I'm a bit spoiled now. :)

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I belong to a Sam's Club. Joined mainly so I could get a deal on bone in primal cut of ribeye. After I joined I found out they only sell bone less primal ribeyes. [emoji35]

I don't go very often. With only 3 of us I can usually find a better sale deal at a local grocery store.

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