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Komodo Kamado owners advice needed.


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I own a Xl Big Green Egg and a Large size Chinese knock off and a Kamado Joe Jr. The Komodo Kamado's are really starting to catch my eye.

If you could have a do over, would you still buy your KK. Are there many big differences from the KK's to other kamado's. What are the advantages to the KK's.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Well, I bought a second, if that's any indication!

My first, a 23", was bought after I had used a BGE XL for a year or so. When you open the lid of a kk, and it basically lifts itself, and closes with the help of one finger, you immediately get the idea this is a different animal. All the grates are 3/8"stainless, including the fire basket. The heft, fit and finish are obviously a major step up. It's been said before, imagine shopping for a mid priced sedan, and all of a sudden, you're looking at the finest luxury import available, and it comes factory ready to go, with the finest warranty and customer service available. Just on cosmetics alone, the average Kamado comes in one or two colors, KK's come in multiple colors, tile or pebble, or if desired, and Dennis can make it work, a custom finish.

The KK is as easy to cook on as any, it heats quickly, temp control is a breeze, and is rock solid. That said, I use a cyber q, and the kk has that option accommodated also, with a fan port and pre drilled hole for probes.

If you were to order a kk with none of Dennis' options, your grill would arrive ready to go, with nothing else necessary grill wise to start cooking, except charcoal and tools, (coco char is another subject, I love the stuff), with no additional charges. The price quoted is the price delivered to your home.

The short answer is yes, I would do it all over again, no question.

I'm guessing CC, and Wilbur will add to this, they are much better at the written word, but I hope this at least gives you an idea about these things.

Dennis is releasing a 21" free standing model soon, so that'll give more options. Another option is to call Dennis, he truly loves talking to anyone, especially potential customers, about his grills. post-398-14228058043285_thumb.jpg

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Executive summary: I would buy my KK grill all over again in a heartbeat.


I’ve been more than happy with my KK grill. I have the 23” model, and it’s been perfect for our needs (family of four, occasional cooking for friends). I haven’t tried too hard to load it up, but I’ve been able to do 6 full racks of ribs lying down using the expander rack that comes with KK grills. If I had a rib rack, I’m sure that I could do more with ribs in a vertical position.

Here’s my summary of what features my KK grill has that are clearly different from the other ceramic grills (BGE, KJ, Primo, etc.)

  • Made of refractory cement instead of ceramic. Heat deflector and baking stones are also refractory cement instead of ceramic.
  • Better insulation, which means that you can maintain temperature with less air flow, which means less moisture loss during cooking, which means that your meat will lose less moisture during the cooking process.
  • Tiled on the outside instead of glazed ceramic.
  • Food grade silicone gasket, which is more durable than a felt gasket, and not prone to failure from dripping sauce on it.
  • 3/8” stainless steel rod grills instead of 1/4” rod.
  • Stainless steel hardware all over.
  • Stainless steel charcoal basket instead of ceramic firebox.
  • Firebox is a two piece design instead of one piece, which reduces the chance of it cracking from heat.
  • Superior hinge and latch mechanism to other brands.
  • Incorporation of hinge into the body and lid means never having to worry about a lid falling off or having to maintain band tightness.
  • Easier to open, even with a heavier lid.
  • Vent cap design prevents rain from getting into grill and is rust proof.
  • Vent cap design also prevents change in setting when opening grill.
  • Set up for rotisserie cooking out of the box. No need to wait for a rotisserie add on that’s still in development.

Initially I wanted and ordered a KJ Big Joe, and placed an order around Father’s Day 2014. My main issue was that the summer went by, and I still did not have a firm date on when it would be delivered. During that time, I read reports of folks having difficulty getting parts that needed replacement for their KJ grills, fireboxes cracking, lids coming loose, and difficulties with gasket replacement. To be fair, the issues I mentioned are not unique to KJ grills, and hopefully KJ will figure out their inventory issues at some point.


When it got to be mid-August, and I still did not have a firm date on delivery for the Big Joe that I had ordered two months earlier, I then started looking into the Komodo Kamado. Price-wise, this is in a different class than the other three brands that I looked at. But I did not find any reports of issues with the Komodo Kamado grill similar to the ones I had read about the KJ/BGE/Primo grills. In addition, the Komodo Kamado does come ready to use a rotisserie, which I plan on using a fair amount.

If the Komodo Kamado is in your price range, then definitely take a look. It’s more expensive than the KJ/BGE/Primo grills for sure, but it’s still in line with and even less expensive than many high end stainless steel gas grills, and I would argue that it is more durable and more flexible than a high end stainless steel gas grill. 


The way I look at it, my KK grill will easily last me 20 years at a minimum, which works out to less than 70¢ per day. Even if I just cook four burgers for my family for dinner, the grill will still be the least expensive part of that meal.


From a customer service standpoint, I know that many folks have had excellent experiences with KJ customer service. Over the course of last summer, I found the Kamado Joe company non-responsive to my questions about the availability of the grill that I ordered. 


On the other hand, customer service from Komodo Kamado has been amazing. Dennis Linkletter is very responsive to questions. Sometimes I think he would rather spend the time to talk to me directly about a minor issue rather than fire off a quick email, just to make sure that my concerns are answered to my satisfaction.


One last thing: having had my KK grill for a while, I’ve been very impressed with the results that I have gotten from it. I had no experience with low and slow cooks prior to getting my KK grill, and everything I have tried has been a huge success, even though it was the first time I’ve tried smoking ribs, pulled pork, a prime rib roast, and so on. Although many times you’ll read that it’s the cook, not the grill, I have to believe that the ease of temperature control of the KK grill is a factor in my success. I’ve had the chance to try out a BGE, and the ability of a KK grill to control air flow and temperature is so much nicer and easier.

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@Kamado Sensei very nice set up. Do you know of an approximate release date for the 21". That would he an excellent size fir me.


Thank you both for the quick and detailed review of the KK. The best type of advertising is word of mouth. It means alot when someone takes the time to write a detailed review for a stranger. To me that speaks volumes to the quality of the product.

If anyone else would like to chine in, I'm all ears.

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No matter how good a salesman is...I always have to do better to sell it to my wife. Bought my third kamado since this November, I'm all out of good reasons now.

I may have to resort to that old saying "better to beg for forgiveness then ask for permission" LOL.

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Here's one thought, if she's remotely interested in Kamado cooking, the kk is by far the easiest to handle by virtue of the "weightless" lid. CC even used the "this will be your grill" line, and it worked!

Where are you by the way CC?

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tinyfish, the original poster's profile says he's up here in Toronto....and the loonie has tanked along with the oil prices.So I just wanted to point out that if he's looking at the KK web site, he shouldn't forget that his cost would be at least 30% more (plus possibly more for shipping).

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No matter how good a salesman is...I always have to do better to sell it to my wife. Bought my third kamado since this November, I'm all out of good reasons now.

I may have to resort to that old saying "better to beg for forgiveness then ask for permission" LOL.


If it helps, my wife gave me the “you’re nuts for getting this grill” look more than a few times when we discussed buying a KK grill. Once it got to our house, and after I cooked a couple of meals for her, she had no more reservations about whether this was a good purchase or not. She’s seen a BGE and a KJ, and she clearly thinks that the KK grills are in a class above those brands.

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Hi Gurus!


Just got back in town from Houston.  I've got a major problem down there with an investment and it's gobbling up time.


tinyfish - I have a Komodo Kamado Big Bad 32' grill and wouldn't trade anything for it.  It is the single finest cooker I've ever had, and that includes high end gassers, big time stick burners, a Weber Kettle, and Akron, a Large BGE, a medium BGE, two Primo XL Ovals, and the KK BB 32, aka TheBeast.  I'm so impressed with TheBeast that I'm in the process of ordering a smaller KK, the 19" High Cap.  There are less expensive cookers in the market, but none finer.  The competition has lower price, but remember, you get so much more than you pay for with the Komodo Kamado.  It is in a class by itself.  Those other cookers are good, don't get me wrong. You can can cook better food on the most inexpensive kamado than you could every dream of producing on any kettle, gasser, or stick burner.  TheBeast has made cooking so much more fun and the food really does rise to a level that must be experienced to understand.


I can't add one single word to what @5698K or WilburPan have already written.  If you are serious about wanting to investigate a KK purchase, call Dennis Linkletter.  He has the lightest touch.  He won't pressure you because he knows that his product sells itself.  Dennis knows that the legion KK owners out there will tell you that it is the single finest cooker on the market, not just by a little, but by orders of magnitude.


Don't worry about your wife.  When she see the beautiful KK in your backyard, she'll wonder why you took so long to order it. The KK line of cookers  are the most stunning thing you can put in your backyard.  It becomes the focal point of every summer party you throw!  When she tastes the food that you, and she, if you're smart, cook on that grill, she'll wrap her arms around you and tell you that it's so wonderful she'll let you do all the cooking from now on!  The other thing you need to know is that the KK will convince you to sell your other kamados.  They will become just so much surplus BBQ equipment.  I loved my Primo XL, but after seeing and cooking on TheBeast, I gave the Primo to a friend.


So, my friend, call Dennis.  Give him our best.  You've heard stories about KJ customer service, right?  It's good.  It doesn't even come close to what Dennis offers for support to his customers.  I deal directly with Dennis every single time.  So does WIlburPan and 5698K.  When you buy KK you get Dennis Linkletter thrown in for free.  No other company selling kamados can say that.


If you ever have any other questions, post here, PM 5690k, WilburPan, or myself.  If you want, leave that freeze up there and come on down to some pretty good winter weather here in OKC, OK and well fire up TheBeast and you can cook anything you want for as long as you want to stay.  I've got a spare bedroom and you're always welcome.  

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