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Wes from Gourmet Guru Grill


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Great looking grill. Any idea if there is a retailer in KC for them yet? Any other sizes in the works? Any other colors?


No dealers in KC yet but I know there will be at some point. They just launched a couple months ago and are setting up dealers as I type. I think there will be a larger version to come in the future, but it may be a while. Right now red is the only color available.


I will set up a specific forum section for the Gourmet Guru grills since I don't have one already...


John Setzler


Awesome - thanks!

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Where are they made? Going to St Louis tomorrow, who sells these there?

Our company is headquartered in Batesville, AR, but we were in St. Louis this week setting up dealers. JM Kitchen & Bath in Wentzville has a display model you can probably look at. There will be other dealers in the area soon too


EDIT: Just realized they're probably closed on Saturdays. They're open M-F, but like I said there will be other dealers in the area soon ... probably some across the river too.

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I go thru Wentzville on the way to StL, may stop there one day to check it out. We were in StL?, don't you live there? Do u have a picture of hinge on back?

I live in St. Peters, but the fellow I was running around with today lives down in Arkansas.


Here's that hinge:





It's made from heavy duty steel. If you have any more questions shoot me a PM and I'll be happy to answer.

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