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Sweet weather......perfect day for relaxing and smoking ribs


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Unreal weather today.  55 degrees at 10:00am.  This upcoming week....last year.....we had an ice storm that knocked the power out for several days in the surrounding area......followed soon by an earthquake.......not on this day, however.  Today is beyond excellent.

Morning coffee had while getting the grill up to temp with some Toby Keith playing on the deck.  Good morning to the neighbors. :rofl:
Using some great looking FoGo lump.  Ginormous pieces.  Added several large chunks of cherry wood on top, too.  @BOOMSTICK069 was spot on with his recommendation about this stuff !
Giant 35 lb bags.
Doing some ribs today....it's been ages since the last batch.
Going to use a different rub on each slab.
Cimarron Docs has been my family's favorite rib rub for the past couple years.  Great stuff.
The look of that Kamado Joe Peach rub is enough to make me want to eat a spoonful of it right now.
I've never tried the John Henry's Pecan rub but it came highly recommended so I'll give it a go.
Just getting started.
In efforts to save time.....I went ahead and put them bone-side down on the grate and hit the top sides heavily with the rub.  
I was going to do a couple butts, too.....but didn't get up in time this morning and was going to be pushed for time.  Tossed 'em in the freezer and will cook them next weekend.  
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Woo hoo!


Enjoy your day out there in Georgia.  We are partly cloudy, a tad warmer right now at 70 degrees.  Beautiful weekend thus far.  


Looking forward to your review of the John Henry rub.  Their hq is about 15 minutes away from my hq (heh)...but I've never given it a shot.

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