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3 Racks 3 Flavors


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So I wanted to mix it up a little. The front rack was my usual but excellent bbq flavor with a bbq rub and home made sauce.

The middle rack is jerk. Rubbed with Walkerswood jerk then brushed with a pineapple coconut glaze

The back rack was actually my favorite. I wanted to try a very minimal and simple flavor to enhance the pork flavor. So instead of using any kind of sugary or spicy rub, I just used KJ peppered sea salt rub...so mainly just salt and pepper. Wow, it have an excellent crisp porky crust.



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Those 3 sets of ribs look fantastic and probably made for some great eating. The one done with salt and pepper would likely be my first choice too. I'm finding more and more that simple is best and a coating of salt and pepper goes a long way toward bring out the flavor of most meats.

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Thanks. Foiled all but only an hour on the salt/pepper and jerk as I wanted more pull on those. My normal bbq I foiled for 2 hrs b/c I like those falling off.

The jerk was amazing, but I love jerk. Extremely spicy!!!! The pineapple glaze added a good sweet hint to the heat

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