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The Unofficial Valentine's Day Dinner Challenge!


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CONTEST OVER!!! VOTE NOW!!! If you are viewing on Tapatalk, switch over to WEB view and participate in the Poll!


VOTE HERE===> http://www.kamadogur...ry/#entry228082 

Okay, Gurus! I've spent half the morning reviewing some incredible Valentine's Day Dinners cooked up by so many of you all! It's tough to judge which one was most impressive.

I have decided to do an unofficial Valentine's Day Mojo Throwdown. Post your Valentine's Day cook here.

Post your best money shot, and a link to your initial post, if you have one.

If you did not cook a Valentine's Day cook, then vote on your favorite Valentine's Day Dinner Posting. Use whatever you want as criteria to judge your favorite dinner. A vote for your favorite dinner should be recorded as a "LIKE" on the post that you choose. You can "UNLIKE" a post if you change your mind and find a Dinner post you like better.

LIKE votes will be tallied for three days, then this post will be locked, and a "Kamado Romeo Champion" will be crowned! Good luck, everyone, and post those Valentine's Day Money shots!

My pics are terrible compared to some dinners out there, but, what the hay... I'll start the ball rolling with my dinner.

EDIT: Note: when all is said and done,vote on the official Poll, which is going to be tough for me, as there are so many good dinners cooked!

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Nice of you to say. But the votes don't agree ;)

Many of us have LIKE'ed multiple threads, more or less as a "thank you" for participating.  Just keep in mind you want to "UNLIKE" all but the post you want to vote on, by the end of the contest! :)

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Okay, Ladies and Gents, it is time to vote for the "Kamado Valentine's Dinner Champ." Cast your vote, now, I have hidden all posts that were not entries to make it easier to review. The poll is at the top of this thread. 


Thanks, everyone for entering our little contest. There were some outstanding Valentine's Day cooks!


A big hand to all those who participated!



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