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Lemon grass chicken skewers with corn

Aussie Joe

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Felt really hot and muggy today so I thought I would keep it simple and do a great Thai classic done this alot a times but first on the joe there are heaps of variations to this dish but I have always stuck to this chicken mince17c04bc2ae3f35ed4ce4a5fade33bfba.jpgadd some garlic paste. Ginger paste. A chopped chilli. Basil . Coriander. Lemon grass stalk. Lime juice. Soya sauce. Salt and an egge3b64a1714011173da734f496c9dd40b.jpged01c40cecd04849d97c7f83cf08fbb5.jpg mix it all together and make little portions and place in the fridge4842f3a721d1eb91eb3469f1793cf734.jpg press down on the lemon grass stalk to let the juices flow mix the chicken mix in some panko bread crumbs and mould it around the stalk 8a88b95e4400be54fbfaf6c6f3ff8103.jpg made up a dipping sauce with Soya sauce. Rice wine vinegar. Honey. Chopped lemon grass and chilli flakes and a basting sauce brown sugar. Water. Oil. And lemon grass it goes along way lemon grass 11bc266358eb283d0a8349a1a4773026.jpg put the corn on at start up with butter and some bush lamb rub I got the other day so on they gofaafb41cbd007fa0b8b5125c92b43b10.jpgsat the joe at 350 basted and flipped these every three Min for a total of 8 to 10 Min each side I'm funny when it comes to chicken I'd rather go that little bit more than less4b6724874d8bfe92369c9395dcc28937.jpg5797e22e6125c8c892f97e010bccd52d.jpg look ready to me5464881de551fd37c2f90a48a769c40a.jpg Nice an simple you can just slide the lemon grass out and eat these like nuggets the lemon grass is mainly for infusing the meat which it does so well dunk them in the sauce yum

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