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HeaterMeter controlled Kettle!

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So did you build your own heatmeter? I've been looking at doing one in the near future, are there multiple options for the brand/type of probes to use?


I've built 4 or 5 over the last few years!


With the latest version, you can use a K type thermocouple or a thermistor for the pit probe. The 3 food probes are thermistor only.


You can use Thermoworks Pro series probes, Maverick ET-72/73 series probes, Gen 1 iGrill probes. You can also use any other thermistor style probe with a 2.5mm jack and calibrate it against an existing probe.


In my opinion, the thermocouple for the pit probe and the thermoworks probes for the food probes is the winning combo.  


More info on the probes can be found on the HeaterMeter Wiki page.

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Here is my SSR setup (shown without the crock-pot plugged in).




I spliced the SSR into the middle of an extension cord. Just plug the crock-pot into the other end of the extension cord, and you're in business.


@shmick, the HM worked exactly as you described. I only had time to try it with a lamp, haven't had an opportunity to cook anything. Maybe this weekend.


I also built my HM - well, two of them. In a story far too long to tell in this thread, I had a lot of problems building them. I was in over my head and couldn't get either of them to work. I had to send both over to a super helpful soul on the HM forum for him to fix my errors.


In short - if you haven't soldered anything for 30 years, you might want to get in a lot of practice before you try to build a HM. ;)




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Just make sure that the SSR is controlling the hot, not the neutral wire.

Yes, thanks for mentioning that, I should have said that. I spliced the SSR into the hot side of that extension cord.

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