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Juicy Lucy Meatballs!


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HOWDY GURUS!!!  :good:


I've seen a lot of meatball cooks lately, so I decided to give mine a little twist that may prove interesting.  As many of you know, I LOVE hamburgers, especially the Juicy Lucy.  For those of you how may not know,  a Juicy Lucy is a hamburger with cheese cooked into the middle.  They originated in Minneapolis years ago at one of two places. I find them to be a real treat.


I don't have a recipe to give you.  At this point in life after cooking for 40+ years, I just put in a touch of this. a dab of that, and a bit of the rest.  I apologize in advance for being so lax.


So I started with about 2.5 lbs. 90/10 hamburger and about 1 lb. of breakfast sausage with a couple of beaten eggs, some garlic powder, plain Panko, S&P, some creme fraiche, and Italian spice mix that I mix up on occasion.  The cheese I'll be using is cubed mild cheddar which SWMBOI likes.


Here is a look at the ingredients well mixed :




In the upper right hand corner of the picture you can see my little trick for making uniform meatballs ... a nice sized ice cream scoop!  Here it is in action:




Now we add the cheese.  Just press it right in the middle of the raw meatball mixture while it is in the scoop.  Meatball mixture will raise up around the edges.  That's okay as you'll just close that around the cheese:




Squeeze the edges up around the cheese and eject the meatball indoor your other hand and roll it gently to make certain everything is nice and closed up and you have a nice round meatball.  It should look something like this:




Here is a nice picture of a dozen meatball in a special utensil with holes drilled in the bottom of each cup that allows the grease to drain while cooking.  I got this idea from JackJumper101 and this pan is available on Amazon.  Stupid me I only ordered 1 and I should have gotten two!  We're trying to eat healthier you know!




Here's a shot of the meatball going into the Belly of TheBeast!  I put a drip pan under the special meatball pan that allows grease to drain.  A clean Beast is a happy Beast!




And here is a shot of the finished product being inspected by Pete The Salt Pig and his minions.




Here is a shot of the Juicy Lucy Meatballs on the plate prior to being topped with a simply homemade Sugo.




Here is the finished plate.  A coleslaw and Cherub Tomato salad, LeSuer Peas, and a couple of Juicy lucy Meatballs topped with Sugo.  Pete looks on approvingly.




And finally here is a cutaway view of the Juicy Luck Meatball showing the melted cheese.  Next time I think I'll use 4 cubes of cheese per Juicy Lucy Meatball!




I cooked these Juicy Lucy Meatballs for about 50 minutes at 325F.  You can cook to an IT of about 165F or until you see a little bit of cheese seep out.  


This recipe made 21 Juicy Lucy Meatballs as you can see in this picture of the finish cook in the Belly of TheBeast.


Don't forget to spray your meatball tin with Pam or some other nonstick cooking spray.  I forgot to spray the tin on the left holding the 9 meatballs one stuck inside.  I had to pry it out.  It came out in pieces and of course, I HAD to eat it!   :rofl:

Thanks for looking at yet another meatball cook, albeit with a little twist.  I've got a fair number of meatballs left over.  My BBQ Mooch Brother failed to show up with his bag of chips ... the wind was out of the North and he lives North of me!   :rofl:   


Y'all have a great week!



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Looks yummy


John, it was good.  However, I think next time I'm going to use a more aggressive taste in cheese.  Maybe something like a sharp cheddar or a nice Bleu rather than a mild cheddar.  SWMBOI thinks maybe a Feta.  We'll see.  

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great cook!


Thanks, bosco.  Just trying to keep up with you up there in Canada.  You've had some very impressive cooks lately.  


And as for winter, just wait a few more weeks and you'll be outside in shorts, a tee-shirt, and sandals with a COLD brewskis in both hands!  Until then ... be well!

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Man does that look good. CC don't be upset if I steal this one for my next pot luck. Thanks for sharing.


Cgriller - steal away!  These are the first Juicy Lucy Meatballs I've seen, but certainly not the first Juicy Lucy.  For a potluck, I'd be using a smaller scoop to make things stretch a little further.  If its a big potluck, you can go broke buying enough 90/10 hamburger to feed a mess of people!  Thanks for the compliments!

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Looks great! I will be trying this soon.


AkornJoe - I can tell you that this cooks very well with a glass of single malt in hand and that it washes down nicely with a very cold Sam Adams .  Enjoy it!  It's easy, easy to prepare, easy to cook, and easy to clean up after ... thats the way I tend to cook.  Enjoy!

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Looks yummy


John, it was good.  However, I think next time I'm going to use a more aggressive taste in cheese.  Maybe something like a sharp cheddar or a nice Bleu rather than a mild cheddar.  SWMBOI thinks maybe a Feta.  We'll see.  


I got the SWMBO, but y'all have added an I all of of sudden? Please enlighten me.

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