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17.6 Pound Royal Oak - $7 at local Walmart

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I don't like to brag or come off as a braggart... so I was hesitant to show pictures but since multiple people have asked here they are. The other half I couldn't fit them all in the pictures.

Today we randomly found ourselves in another Walmart in Frisco (neighboring down in DFW) and the 20 pound bags were more prominently displayed, but they still weren't marked. After grabbing a bag and

Lol summer charcoal

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Picked this up at my local Walmart. I finally went through my first 18 lb bag I got around Christmas and was looking at buying the KJ lump everyone raves about at Ace, but for the price I couldn't pass this up. After I bought it I went silly and went down to my local HD and picked up two more price matched bags. This will likely last until the end of summer unless I start doing some serious cooking. The sizes look similar to another brand (Frontier? Cowboy?) I purchased at Lowes way back when and for the price so long as it burns I'm sure it won't disappoint.

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