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Ribs on the Joe...

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....in Sleet and Freezing Rain!


My wife thinks I'm crazy for grilling in this weather but I love cooking on the Joe. I just need to build a table for it and move it up to my back porch this Spring.


I started with the ribs with a very light coat of yellow mustard followed up with something new, maple syrup! I thought I'd try it as a binding agent because later in the 3-2-1 method I'm using on one half of the ribs I put honey and brown sugar on so I thought I'd try adding maple syrup to the mix to bind the rub on. I'm using Killer Hogs Rub for the first time as well, I love the flavor of the rub on sunny side up eggs in the morning so I wanted to use it on my ribs today.





Here's how it looks after the mustard and syrup have gone on.





Here's a shot of the ribs halved and rub applied.





I'm going to do one half as the standard 3-2-1 method and one half unwrapped for 4.5 hours or so and then BBQ applied the last half hour. Target temp of 225-250 and they're going on at noon. I'm serving it with grilled potatoes that have been marinated in Olive Oil, Garlic and Rosemary and baked beans.


I'll update with pics as the journey unfolds, my biggest problem is getting my parents and family to be patient while I take the final finished products pics. 

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75tranz - I hate to hear you're having to battle the elements, but I know you're up to the task! You're off to agreat start, so this should be interesting and I look forward to the money shot. Stay warm and safe!

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So I pulled the thicker half of the ribs and foiled them. I added brown sugar, Agave, Parkay, Tiger Sauce, some more Killer Hogs Rub and a little of my spritz. I use equal parts Peach Juice, Apple Juice and Rum.






I'm going to just spritz the other half of the ribs until I sauce both pairs.



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