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Cast Iron Grate and Griddle Ingredient Cook on the Kamado Joe Big Joe

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This is another fine example of the versatility of the cast iron half grate and griddle except this setup is on the Big Joe. I love the room it gives me to do whatever I want. Here is the setup being presoaked, notice the tiny eight inch skillet taking up such a small portion of real estate on the griddle being preheated.


I wanted to grill my vegetables and bacon on the grill as well as brown the butter in the pan for my own version of carbonara, but with browned butter.


I absolutely love the texture the cast iron puts on the vegetables and its ability to retain heat as well as it does. And boy does it look good doing it too.


Everything just seems to fit so well on it, and I love to use the cast iron as kind of a holding area too cook on especially when I want the veggies just a little more cooked! Sorry about the sideways pic!


What I have loved and continue to do so is the versatility that I am provided with this accessory. There is something about the cast iron that I am really beginning to love that I can't quite put my finger on. Maybe the ease of cleanup, maybe the fact that I am not putting anything into my food that is not supposed to be there... I'm honestly not sure but with results this good, this accessory has become a staple in my arsenal and it is here to stay!


The only ingredients I did not grill was the mizithra cheese and the pasta of course! Although maybe I should have! Thanks for looking! 


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i have to agree with your thoughts on cast iron cooking.  As nice as non-stick pots and pans are, I still pull out my old cast iron pans and dutch oven most of the time.  Because of the even heating and ability to maintain temps they are the best to cook with, and if properly seasoned, as easy to clean as a non-stick.


I can't wait for my griddle and grate to come in.  Unfortunately the guy at my local dealer ordered the Classic size, and not the ones I need for my Big Joe.  :sad:

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Dang, the Big Joe version is Huge! Nicely done!

When I am done, I wash mine off. Then place it on my oven with the heat on to dry. The BigJoe CI griddle bearly fits on my oven. Darn it is a lot of cooking real estate.

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