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If we order take-out soup from an Asian restaurant it usually comes in a plastic quart-sized container with a snap-on lid. The containers are great for leftover soups, stews, tomato-based sauces, etc. I hadn't had any luck finding containers of similar size and quality, but then stumbled on these on Amazon for about 50 cents each. They just arrived and are exactly like the take-out containers. A good deal!





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    • By Kamadopamine
      New to the charcoal scene and just ordered a Kamado Joe Big Joe III, currently being shipped and I can't wait! Btw I've been lurking on this forum for a week, and it seems like a great community, everyone is so knowledgeable and helpful! 
      Question for all you Kamado owners out there, particularly Kamado Joe owners: Is it safe to keep your grill outside year round (covered), like on a deck or patio? Or would you be worried about the hardware corroding? Debating whether I can keep this bad boy on the deck or if I should give it a nice cozy home in the garage when not in use. If on the deck, it would be exposed to the elements year round, including snow in winter. Even if covered when not in use, should I have concerns about storing it outside?
    • By TheDreadedChicken
      Had some leftover pulled pork and made a take on David Chang's pork bo ssam recipe(which is amazing): http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/12197-momofukus-bo-ssam
      Store bought dough, fontina cheese, pork (duh), hoisin/gochujang/ssamjang drizzle, on the grill 550 for 7 minutes. Top with cilantro, lime and the ginger scallion relish from the above recipe. 
      The pic doesn't do it justice, but this was incredible. 

    • By DrKGB
      Last time I smoked a Boston butt to make pulled pork, we had a good bit left over. My wife suggested making soup based on a green enchilada sauce and green chilies. I found this recipe on line https://lilluna.com/crock-pot-green-chile-enchilada-soup/ and I substituted the pulled pork for the chicken. I also adjusted the spices to our taste and added some chipotle powder. It was awesome.  
    • By holysmoke
      This a quick and dirty recipe that tastes GREAT. The kids and wife ask for this on mornings after a cook of  brisket or beef ribs the day before.
      You will need:
      Eggs to scramble. (How many is determined by the mouths you'll need to feed)
      Leftover brisket thinly sliced and cut up.
      Your favorite rub (The wife likes Montreal Steak seasoning on this recipe)
      Cheese (optional)
      Anything else you serve with a usual breakfast.
      What you do:
      Preheat pan to med.
      Beat the eggs normally and pour into preheated pan.
      Scatter the brisket through out the eggs. Not too much tho as the brisket and smoke flavor are more pervasive than you might imagine.
      Sprinkle the rub around as you would salt and pepper. Be conservative! Eggs are light in flavor and you can cover their flavor easily.
      Easy and quick. The smoke flavor transforms the taste to something wonderful if you've never tried this.
      I'm sure there are lots of recipes here that are quick, tasty and carry that outdoor flavor into unexpected places.
    • By Gary J
      Any concerns storing any of these items in a deck box where temperatures may dip into the teens °F?
      Mapp torch
      Silicon gloves
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