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March Challenge----Peyton Manning steaks


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The weather on this relaxing Sunday can only be described as glorious.  



Yesterday was cruddy-cold-rainy.....but today......sunny & almost 80 degrees.  Unreal.



Figured I'd have some fun in the backyard with the grill.  Things were smelling great out there.



Thanks to this challenge, things were smelling good inside, too, as I was moved outa my comfort zone of using store-bought sauces.



The results were to my tribe's liking, too.   They asked for the sauce again on other cooks....wings, ribs, chops and others.  I will oblige their requests. I liked the sauce, too.



The keys to this sauce, imho, are the freshly ground & chopped ingredients.













This was an on-the-fly recipe that I will tweak and continue to use.  Texted it to some buddies who were either grilling or soon to be. 






Sauce-making music was enjoyed !







Very grateful to have these cuts in the freezer thanks to Mom & Dad's thoughtfulness at Christmas.  Excellent gift that was appreciated by everyone today !!!!















I also mastered the art of untying that first pesky knot that allows a ridiculously easy bag opening. :good:







Set the Big Joe up with the Divide & Conquer system for some two zone cooking for the stuffed potatoes & steaks.









Molly took up a spot downwind of the grill and seemed to really enjoy the relaxing afternoon.










Gave them a good dusting with some great KJ flavors.







Krunk it on up when the potatoes were close to done.










Went with the thicker cuts first.








Seared the thinner filets next and then moved them all over to the cool side to rest and finish reaching the internal temps I was shooting for.










If ribs, wings and chops are better with sauce......why not steaks ?




Got a bowl of the sauce grillside and slathered it on the steaks when they were about 10 degrees from being ready.













Roasted corn & asparagus with a small amount of the KJ good stuff. :good:


































The verdict is in:      The sauce was killer.  I'm glad the challenge gave me the nudge to homebrew my own.    




The verdict is also in......we are all stuffed and chillaxing.   Molly has be pinned down as I type this. :rofl:






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Oh yeah! Those steaks were perfectly cooked. :respect: The sides look great and that sauce looked killer. :good::woot:

The only thing wrong with this cook was that I wasn't invited. :rofl:




Thanks !



I've been making my steaks the exact same way for the past two years (since discovering about Paymaster's method) and my family loves it.




I figured for a sauce to be good.....it should stand up and complement anything.    I took a risk and deviated on my normal way of doing steaks and the sauce was a huge hit on them and the potatoes.


I don't think it's the kind of sauce that I can bottle and save due to the ingredients.....but it's easy enough to make.   I'll certainly use it on other types of cooks, too. 



I'm grateful that this challenge pushed me out of my normal ways of doing things.  I'm one of those "If it ain't broke....don't fix it !" types.   This was fun.

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Dang it Dub - you went all out with this sauce and the cook in general. Very nice entry.

A good sauce compliments not only the steak but the dinner in general. I use to be like you - a bit of rub/seasoning but a naked steak none the less. Lately I've been doing wet marinades and sauces for a steak cook. It can really take it over the top.

My only question - Why didn't I get a text.? I would have tried it on my shoulder cook tonight.

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Thank you everyone.


You folks are way too kind.   This was a really easy cook that I thoroughly enjoyed doing on this super afternoon.



I feel like I grew up a little bit on this cook.   It's the first steak cook in ages that I didn't go near-nuclear on the sear temps.  The split firebox worked great in conjunction with the D&C racks letting me get it down low over the coals.  I felt like I had plenty of room and having a "cold" side was really a luxury, too.  I was able to temp check each steak with ease without having to remove the steaks first. 


The other thing is  that this sauce was truly all-purpose, too.  Easy to make and a flavor that I could see working killer on chicken.










How are the steaks from there????  Never had one......  Looks great!



They were really good.   


Sure were convenient, too.  




The package we received had a variety of stuff in it:   steaks, chicken breasts, burgers, hot dogs and stuffed potatoes.







Each of the boxes contains vacuum sealed single portions.  These potatoes were able to be cooked from a frozen state.  Super easy.



I feel the quality of the steaks was really good.  The 5 oz sirloin cubes, were, in fact, the best sirloins I've had.  The filets were very tender....no knife needed.  One cool thing is that I almost always buy ribeyes and this offered a refreshing change.  


I don't know that I'll be reordering any time soon....unless the price is right.....but it sure was mighty nice being able to skip a shopping trip and just go to the garage freezer instead.

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