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Pan Seared Cod with a Mushroom Fish Velouté Enhanced with White Wine

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Pan Seared Cod with a Mushroom Fish Velouté Enhanced with White Wine


Wild caught cod was on sale at the market and I decided to take this meal uptown and someplace special.  The cod was seasoned and pan seared.  As a sauce for the fish, I prepared a fish velouté with a white wine addition plus chopped sautéed mushrooms enhanced with egg yolk and whole milk (in place of cream) ---  effectively a Sauce Normade with a wine component.  It was served with “stewed” eggplant and some potato salad Mrs. Smokehowze had prepared.











The Sauce 

The Fish Velouté was 2 oz of butter, 2 oz of flour and a quart of quality seafood stock.  Use the butter and flour to prepare a light blond roux.  Slowly add fish stock and cook at low simmer to reduce for about 30 minutes whisking often to develop as smooth sauce.  I added a teaspoon of HonDashi granules to further perk up the fish flavor element in the veloute.  Season simply with a pinch of salt and  a generous measure of ground white pepper.


Next I added about ½ cup of a white wine (I used a sauvignon blanc as it was handy and already opened) and cooked for 10 minutes at low simmer to reduce and blend/develop flavors.  




16 oz of mushroom were diced and sautéed in a small amount of butter until almost all the liquid was removed from the mushrooms.  The pan was deglazed with some white wine and the mushrooms and pan jus was added to the velouté.


½ cup of whole milk and 3 egg yolks were whisked and allowed to come to room temperature.  The egg mixture was tempered by slowly adding several ladles of the velouté to the eggs and whisking to warm the egg mixture and avoid curdling the eggs.  The tempered mix was then slowly folded into the velouté and brought back to heat with a gentle simmer and allowed to develop flavors and thicken for about 5-10 minutes –whisking occasionally to fully incorporate. 





This rich “Normande sauce” variant had an amazing flavor and it was difficult to stop going back for “tastings”.


For a garnish for the fish and sauce, I sliced several mushrooms and quickly browned them in a minimal amount of olive oil.


Stewed Eggplant

 Two eggplants (one large and  one medium) were peeled and diced.   I sweated the Cajun trinity along with some chopped mushrooms, green onion, minced garlic and chopped parsley, dried thyme, some Emeril’s Essence, salt and black pepper, splashes of Worcestershire, a few dashes of Tabasco and a pinch of sugar.  Then add the eggplant and cook for 30-40 minutes on medium low heat covered until the eggplant is tender.  Stir as needed to keep from sticking and burning.  The approach here is a flavorful dish that is not highly seasoned to avoid overpowering the fish course. 


BTW..I often make the same stewed eggplant in a much more seasoned version adding chopped tomatoes and shrimp or seasoned sausage for a heavier side dish.








The Fish

The cod was rinsed and patted dry and seasoned with Emeril’s Essence .  I chose to pan sear the fish as I I wanted some flavor on the fish (as opposed to just poaching it) to build a layer of flavors with the fish and the sauce.  Pan sear in a well heated but not smoking skillet the cod in a swirl of olive oil - cooking the fish to the just flaking stage turning once.  Do not overcook the fish.  You do however want a nice high heat seared effect on the fish with a good toasting of the seasoning on the fish to bring out the flavors in the Essence.




The Potato Salad

The interesting thing on the potato salad was the dressing.  It was half Greek Yoghurt and half mayonnaise along with Dijon mustard.  After coating the potatoes and gently mixing cider vinegar was also added to taste.  Quite a nice potato salad created by Mrs. Smokehowze.  Not as heavy as the typical all mayo version and less calories, too. 




As the stewed eggplant should have a good moisture component when properly prepared, it was served in its own dish.  The seared fish filets were arranged and generously coated with the fish/wine/mushroom (aka wine Normande) sauce  and then garnished with the toasted mushroom slices and chopped parsley.    Add the potato salad and some sliced cucumbers that were tossed with cider vinegar and you have a meal.





Like I said, an “uptown meal”.  The stars in this cook were definitely the fish and the sauce.  It was an outstanding combination and well worth the effort. The layering of flavors of the seasoned fish and the rich sauce was quite complementary and made you just want to go back for seconds and definitely reach for additional spoonfuls of sauce during the meal.  Be sure to have extra sauce available to satisfy the craving. 





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    • By buckleybj
      For a beautiful mid-week dinner I decided to pick up some cod from the local grocery store and roast some white new potatoes my wife picked up from the farmers market. 
      I set the Big Joe up with a half-moon grate on the lower tier for the fish and then kept the other half at the higher tier for the potatoes. 
      Brought the Big Joe up to 350 and had my stone dish getting to temp before adding the potatoes. Just before I got the the KJ going, I started soaking my cedar plank.
      On the fish I mixed up a rub that I've used before:
      1 tbs chopped parsley
      2 tsp olive oil
      1 tsp chopped garlic
      Salt and Pepper (I use a grinder for both of these, so probably a teaspoon or so of each)
      That was enough for a light coating on 4 small cod filets and in the opinion of those who ate, was the perfect amount.
      For the potatoes, I cut them in half and seasoned them with:
      1/4 c olive oil
      3 tbs chopped parsley
      1 tbs toasted garlic and onion seasoning
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      Hi all,
      I just concluded another successful fish boil at my house yesterday and thought I'd share how it's done.
      Here is a video link to it:
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      Meat & Potato Pie Extraordinaire
      This meat and potato pie with a mushroom and onion beef gravy is cooked in a Kamado Joe dutch oven.  The over the top aspect of this pie is that the meat is not just a typical pan-browned ground beef  - they are grilled meatballs - and that the sauce is mushroom enhanced.   The accompaniment was an inslata caprese in a heart of romaine boat using my homemade mozzarella.

      A full set of the prep and cook photos is below the write up.
      The beef is made into meatballs that are about 1 ¼ inch in diameter with chopped onion, parsley, minced garlic, salt and black pepper, some Lea & Perrins, one egg beaten with some half and half and just enough bread crumbs to lightly bind the meat.   They are gently mixed and formed to keep them on the looser side.
      Why the meatballs you ask?   Well, I wanted the meat to be browned and have a grilled and smoky flavor but also not to be dried out like they could get if grilled as a burger patty.    Plus the flavor of a meatball is just so good all by itself and they were made small enough to remain mostly intact in the pie.    So by making the meatballs I could grill them on Joe at 375 on direct heat with some pecan wood.  They do not take long to cook.  Keep a close eye in them.  
      This approach browned the meatballs, just got them to the cooked point and gave them a grilled richness and a moistness for the pie – just what I wanted in the dish to add the “extraordinaire” touch.
      The gravy is fresh sliced/chopped mushrooms that were reduced in butter and olive oil over high heat.  When they have caramelized, reduce heat, add onions and sweat for several minutes.  Add some red pepper flakes and the flour (I used several tablespoons) and stir to get the flour well coated in the oil and butter. 
      Next finish out the sauce with initially  about 2 cups of a low sodium beef broth enhanced with an extra bouillon cube or two.  I actually used 2 tablespoons  of  “Better than Bouillion Beef Base” in 2 cups water for a very beefy stock.   I also added ½ cup half and half (it was left over).   Adjust sauce thickness to be a  slow pourable gravy.   Amend with additional liquid if necessary  – I used milk to adjust.   If needed, you can add extra flour for more thickness by mixing in cool water before adding.
      The potatoes were reds that were left over from dinner the day before.
      Layer the meatballs, potatoes, and gravy in the dutch oven.  Cover with pie crust.  Brush crust with a wash of an egg mixed with a bit of water.  Poke vent holes in crust.  There are two crusts in the package and I used 1 -1/2 .
      The pie was baked indirect in the Kamado at 400 for around 45 minutes until the crust is browned.    I raised the temp to 450 after 35 minutes when the filling started to bubble thru the crust vent holes as the crust was not at the top level of the dutch oven and I wanted to speed the browning with a hotter air flow since it was recessed.
      As lagniappe, since the accompaniment for the meal was going to be a variation of an insalata caprese with my homemade mozzarella cheese, when I saw I had left over pie crust I quickly put together some “pizza” margherita appetizers.    No sauce – just some olive oil on the crust.  Cooked next to the pie for about 15 minutes until cheese finally started to toast and the crust had set up.  They were really good.
      I gotta tell ya, and the family will agree, this was indeed a meat and potato pie extraordinaire.  The flavor from the grilled meatballs with some smokiness was outstanding and was well complemented by the mushroom/onion gravy.  It was hard to stop at just seconds.  Glad there is enough left over for lunches and/or another meal.
       It may be a simple dish but certainly one that could be served to company with rave reviews.    
      The dutch oven was the perfect cooking vessel on this type of cook.
      Here is the prep and cook from start to finish in photos:
      The Meatballs
      Meatballs  (all 42 of them – about 2.5 lbs of Costco ground beef)

      The Raw Meatballs

      Cooking on Big Joe (you have to carefully turn them with spatula and tongs to avoid them breaking apart – cook unit just done – do not overcook and risk drying them out)

      They Tasted Good Just Like This

      The Sauce/Gravy
      The Mushrooms and Onions

      Sauteed in Butter and Olive Oil

      After Addition of the Flour

      The Finished Gravy (it is good all by itself, too – would be great over toast points)

      Finalizing the Pie
      The Cooked Potatoes

      Putting It Together

      Add the Gravy

      Now The Pie Crusts


      Time to Bake
      Get it Baking on Big Joe (use a double deflector with air spacer to keep bottom from burning)

      The Appetizer is Ready to Serve

      Pie is Baked – Yeah!

      Wonderful Crust

      A Last Look

      Thanks for virtually sharing this meal.
    • By Ben S
      Hi Gurus,
      I just wanted to show you an interesting meal form the other night.
      Wild Cod was rubbed with olive oil and dusted with Kamado Joe Vegetable and cooked to an IT of 140 F.
      All of the chicken thighs were dusted with Meatchurch Honey Hog. One of the thighs was also dusted with Oakridge Ghost Pepper rub, hey, I like spicy! The chicken was cooked at 300 for 45 minutes.
      A special thank you goes out to my friend Ricardo for turning me onto the Rubs.

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