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    • By arclite
      Hello? Is there anybody out there?
      I've had a couple not so great low and slows this season using Made in USA Royal Oak lump. 
      I was thinking on trying FOGO but not sure if the Super Premium lump will be too big for the Junior? The Primo Junior really isn't a small cooker like the BGE Minimax or smaller Kamado Joe's because of the oval design, yet it isn't a super deep firebox. Has anybody have experience with the Fogo lump on a Primo Junior?
      Are there any other suggestions for premium lump for a Primo Junior?
    • By brandon78
      I have a question about lump charcoal and brands. Where I live, the options to buy from a store are limited. I have only used Royal Oak, and the only other one available near me is Cowboy. I have been happy with the Royal Oak, but would like to try something different. I researched Amazon and found Fogo and Jealous Devil. I hear people mention Fogo frequently, and have never heard anyone talk about Jealous Devil. However, on Naked Whiz, Jealous Devil got a higher rating and is a better price per pound on Amazon. In fact, the review of Jealous Devil makes it sound excellent. 
      Does anyone have any experience with Fogo and/or Jealous Devil and have an opinion? Thanks!!
      P.S. The Amazon price for 70 pounds of Jealous Devil is priced almost the same per pound as what I pay for Royal Oak at Home Depot. 
    • By Soton
      I've just ordered a Joetisserie and now I am wondering if there are any joetisserie accessories to go with it?  what I have in mind is a wire cage that fits on the rotisserie forks so food like firm vegetables like peppers, onions maybe small corn and small cubes of meat, even rashers of bacon can be placed and cooked while tumbling around inside the cage, dose anyone know if this is available or of something of that sort that could be used for that purpose?
    • By DerHusker
      So what did I think of when John gave us the 4 random numbers that included Tofu? Well my first thought was “can we get some new numbers”! I then thought about it some more and came to the conclusion that these ingredients were truly an example of a “Chopped” basket. I must admit I’ve never made it and hardly ever eat it. That may change after eating this dish.
      I started thinking about what I could make and came up with some ways I could use all these ingredients in in a dish. Sriracha was easy as I use it quite often. Corn? No problem here either. Apples gave me a slight pause but then I thought of using it in a slaw so I was good.
      No, tofu was the problem, so I thought about tofu and what it’s like. It’s like a geometrically shaped meat substitute. Kind of like Spam but without any actual meat. So how do I normally use Spam? Well I don’t use it very often but when I do it’s normally in a sandwich. A tofu sandwich didn’t sound like a winner, but then I remembered seeing something on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives where the cook used plantains as the bread which I’m dubbing the “Planwich”.
      Plantains instead of bread. Link: http://www.foodnetwork.com/restaurants/il/chicago/the-jibarito-stop-restaurant.html
      Now that was the ticket and I also decided to use Sriracha in all 3 dishes. The first thing I did was prepare the tofu.

      Now I don’t know much about tofu but I do know that you need to get the moisture out of it so it can soak up whatever seasoning / marinate your using on it. I drained the liquid off and then sliced it up.

      Next I placed the slices on a double layer of paper towels

      and covered with another layer.

      I then place a 9 x 13 pan on top and pressed down to push more of the liquid out. (Note: I did this twice as the paper towels were completely soaked the first time)

      Next I made up a Sriracha Honey Marinade. Here are the ingredients.


      I spread out some marinade on a 1/4 sheet, placed on the tofu and then covered each piece with the rest of the marinade.

      I covered this with foil and let it take a nice long rest. Next I went about making the bread for my Planwich. I took a plantain

      and cut the ends off and peeled it.

      I cut it in 2 and fried them in some preheated oil.

      I placed them on a plate with some paper towels to cool. I then took them and smashed them with a large smooth bottom pan.

      and then fried each one again. (Like a tostones)

      I then placed each one on a plate with some paper towels to cool.

      I then made up my Mexican Slaw using the apple in lieu of the jicama. (Link to recipe: https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/18547-mexican-style-slaw-with-cilantro-lime-creama/)

      Apple cut and cored

      and then grated.

      Everybody in the pool

      and then stirred up with some Sriracha Cilantro Lime Creama.

      Now I took the tofu out to the grill.

      I placed them on my searing grate. (Note: I would have set it up differently but I was going to make pizza afterwards so that was why it’s set up this way. As it turned out, I didn’t have time for the pizza.)

      After approximately 10 minutes it looked like this.

      I look them off the grilled and on to a plate so I could now glaze them.

      I took what was left of the marinade and added some more honey, Sriracha and ponzu sauce and pour it onto a hot griddle and let it start to caramelize.

      Placed all the tofu pieces in the sauce and let it cook for 1 minute.

      I flipped them and repeated for another minute and here is what they looked like.

      I sliced up some tomato and red onion

      and made up some Sriracha mayo.

      I took one of the plantain slices and spread on the mayo

      and placed on the tofu

      and then the tomato, onion and some lettuce.
      And finally I made up the Mexican Street Corn (Esquites) with Sriracha Mayo
      Here’s my corn.

      I took 3 ears like this and cut off the kernels.

      I added 3 tbsp. of butter and 1/2 cup of finely chopped cilantro and stirred.

      As my 90 year old MIL was also eating this I took my serving and mixed in the balance of the Sriracha mayo that I had made up. (No Sriracha for her)
      Here is everything plated up with a Negro Modelo.

      This did not suck! In fact it was absolutely delicious and I would definitely make this again.
      Thanks for looking.
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