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We got the ham going a bit late today. So while we waited we did Pizza before we starved. This is an unusual pizza that really wakes up your taste buds. It is a bit like an Olive Brushetta.


My wife likes the big thick puffy crust so that is what we did.


Spread the formed pizza dough with the Red Pepper Pesto and then cover with the olive salad. Cover with cheese.  Slide on to the Pizza stone and cook until done.


Red Pepper Pesto


1/2 cup of roughly chopped roasted red peppers  from a jar. Drain and pat dry


1TBS capers rinsed


1TBS  olive oil more if needed


2 TBS toasted walnuts


Process in a food processor until finely chopped. Transfer to bowl.



Olive Salad


1/2 cup of green olives


1/4 cup black olives


1/4 cup  chopped sweet cherry peppers


1/4 cup chopped pickled vegetables


2 cloves of garlic, minced


1/4 tsp ground black pepper


1 tsp dried Italian herb blend


No need to clean the processor. Pulse the Olive Salad until  coarsely chopped into 1/4 inch or less pieces.

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We had missed Friday night pizza so I had the dough for three pizzas. We went with a Hawaiian, Peperoni. and the Muffaletta.

One slice each and we put the ham off till almost bed time. The leftover pizza is still good even days later. We are still eating the ham also.

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    • By VeLoRoK
      Did this on the dojoe, between 550°-600°. I used the Forkish Saturday recipe, but popped it in the fridge for 26 hours after the 2 hour bulk ferment, before dividing and shaping. Fantastic crispy outside, chewy yet pillowy inside. Buffalo Mozz and salami. So good.

    • By Rob_grill_apprentice
      Pizza tasted very good.   I used my Joe Jr. to Roast the Chicken Reshmi Kebabs and used my vision Classic B to bake the individual pizza.   For the cheese I used paneer cheese, extra old cheddar and pizza mozzarella.  The sauce for pizza was the serving sauce for Chicken Reshmi Kebabs.   This pizza will now be part of my pizza repertoire.   

    • By Nnank76
      hey guys,
      Ive had a few pizza sessions on my kj classic 2. Although the last time i warped the steel firebox ring so not sure that should count as successful! I thought it aould be good to ask a kj specific question.  
      My set up is deflectors on the grill in top position. Spacers on top of that with pizza stone then on top.
      So my question/s is when doing high heat cooks:
      1. How long do u let the kj heat sink for? I have just opened the vents and let it ride. When up to 650/700 put pizzas on.
      2. Where do people set their vents? How open is the bottom and top? As above i nlrmally just open them up and stick the pizza on at above the 650/700 mark.
      3. How long should this sort of temp last or is safe for the kj? If i had a pizza party how long could this keep up for eg.
      Any advice or thoughts is welcome?
    • By gordo2212
      Best one to date. Pictures of just taken off the grill and then added some arugula and sprinkle of EVOO and pecorino romano. 

    • By HokieOC
      Saturday pizza has become a regular thing at our house, per my son’s request. I had a good thing going with the KJ Classic and a 15” stone setup, down to a science. But a few weeks ago decided to change it up and try pizzas on the Akorn Jr, half to use less charcoal on the high temp and half cause I had a steel I’d never used. And half just for the challenge....okay that’s three halves. But I digress....first couple weeks went okay, a little learning curve with the AkJ getting to temp MUCH faster and the possibility of overshooting temp, coupled with the steel getting and retaining heat much easier than the stone. 
      Last weekend I burnt the crap out of the bottom of three of four pies (finally got it to cool down a bit by the last one...should have given more time after I charred the first). Having to wait a week for redemption is killing me, but I ordered the canning rack I’ve seen many use on here for the Junior setup, so fingers crossed tonight goes better. And I’ll definitely be watching my temps and shooting the steel with an IR thermometer. I’m hoping more separation of the steel and deflector in addition to getting the stew up higher in the dome makes the difference. 
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