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Steak & chicken burritos with a new proper Purple drank....

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Had the days off today and tomorrow.  Today was the first time I've slept until after sunrise than I can remember.  No kidding.  Up before dawn 365 days a year.......except today for some reason. :)



Watched the footage about the championship game last night (which I'd watched live) and some news and had strong java.  Wife came in and announced that we were going to go out for late lunch-dinner-breakfast-meal for the day.



The way she said it meant that there was no negotiating this deal.  I was going out whether or not my aching back wanted to.


Glad I didn't try, because she came out ready to go with some new duds....heels and all.  I was simply admiring,  running security and driving. :rofl:



Later on this fine evening our son was inquiring as to dinner eats for him......


I was looking for a reason to crank up some tunes and demo a new purple-ish drink for future Fall football parties.






Between the sound of the stereo rolling and the blender working.....I had the kitchen all to myself.....until things started smelling good ! 


Seedless grapes, honey and rum with ice in the blender......







Poured over some ice and Sprite Zero.    Was mighty tasty !!!!








Onto the grub......diced onion & jalapeño and added to the skillet with some seasoned thin NY Strips over them.










Added some leftover grilled chicken breasts....








Once the steaks were ready, I sliced them & the chicken fairly thin and added some melted queso to the skillet.


Spooned it into flour tortilla shells and rolled in olive oil and added to a warm oven.






Removed after they started browning and added the rest of the queso & some shredded Monterey Jack and back into the oven for a few minutes.







He killed two of them and asked if there was dessert. :rofl:








I've got to get a narrow grater.  Was running the lime up & down the 4-in-1 grater we have to get some lime zest for topping.....and GOTCHA.  


darn....lime juice in a fresh knuckle scrape will wake you up quicklike.  



Sure would be nice to sleep late tomorrow, too.......
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