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I stained the wood shelves with some Behr acrylic deck stain that I have which was very similar in color to the original shelves and lid handle. I also replaced the stamped stainless stack/lid damper with the newer versioned cast metal, powder coated black one. It precludes the need for the high temp. rtv sealant because it came with an "O" ring that makes a perfect seal. Also I completed my first cook with the charcoal containment basket I made from expanded metal and steel cable ties. This I believe is a worthwile addition to better portion control the lump and still provide for even heat and air flow. I cooked a lot of chicken on relatively high heat last night. Split breasts and thighs...probably 12 lbs or so. Came out really excellent so I am convinced the charcoal basket works just fine and does what I wanted it to do. You'll notice mine is a slightly older version with the two flanges inside, not three.



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