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Breakfast on the big joe. YES breakfast. lol

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So I got the cast iron griddle and grate a few weeks ago, but I haven't used them yet, until today. I figured I'd try something different and make breakfast this morning.

One lesson I did learn from this first cook on this, is to start a smaller fire and aim for a lower temp. This is what I was afraid of when using the cast iron because they absorb heat so much. So some of the food burned a little and cooked way faster than I wanted. I'll shoot for a lower temp next time.

Anyways enjoy the pictures everyone. Don't forget to click on the pictures to enlarge them. they look better once you click on them.



Getting the ingredients ready for the hash browns "chunky style" lol


To start off, I threw the chopped potatoes into the cast iron skillet.


After about 25 min or so until the potatoes started getting soft, I threw in the bell peppers



Next, a couple of jimmy dean sausage patties. I love this stuff.



Love the crust you get from cast iron.


After searing the sausage for a few min on each side, I wrapped in foil and set to the side.

Next up the star of the show, PANCAKES. HA HA . These are made from scratch with "real buttermilk"


Getting bubbly..


These cooked really fast, the cast iron was way to hot. Had a couple burn pretty bad.


Nice golden brown


Breakfast is served with a glass of oj on the side.


Added the butter and syrup. Time to dig in


Thanks for looking everyone.

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fantastic breakfast!!! I guess this means that you got the joe figured out???

Well I've still been tweaking with it a little. By sight it looks like I've gotten rid of about 90% of the gap I had before. I haven't done a low and slow yet with lots of smoke wood to see if it's still leaking or not. I might do a rack of ribs tomorrow so we'll see then

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