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Komodo Kamado for sale in Ottawa, Canada (local buyers only)

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With oil prices putting the hurt on the Canadian dollar, the 23 KK just went up by $900 CAD this year. It may be wiser to find someone with a used unit of you're in the Market for a KK.


Would you mind briefly explaining to me why lower oil prices hurt the value of the CAD? I'm not questioning it, I just don't understand it. I would think lower gas prices would bring shipping costs (and therefore the price of the KK) down.  

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On a side note - I took the Google "which animal are you Earth day quiz.


Coincidentally, it came up with:



Maybe I should change my tag name. :-)


I just took the challenge and also came up with Komodo Dragon. How fitting, especially since everyone I know mispronounces Kamado as Komodo.  

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