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Sunday night baby backs (very frustrating)

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Hey guys, so these past 5 days my wife and baby boy have been out of town, so it's just been me and the dogs holding down the fort. lol So I've had quite a bit of free time to get some good bbq this past weekend.


So Saturday night I set out a rack of baby backs I've had in the freezer for a while in a vacuumed sealed bag. So Sunday morning I had to get up early cause I was going to be gone most of the day, so I prepped my ribs with the rub and vacuumed sealed them again and put in the fridge all day.


So I got home a little later than I wanted to and by the time I got big joe up to temp and stable, it was little after 5pm. I know its late. But I always eat dinner later than most people anyways, cause I work night shifts and I don't go to sleep till like 3 or 4 in the morning. lol. Anyways, I got the ribs on close to 5:30 and in my mind I was thinking they should be done around 9:30 or 10 at the latest, WRONG WRONG WRONG!


I don't know what was up with this rack of ribs, I've never had them take more than 5 hrs, but these stubborn ribs took "7 HOURS",  yes 7. It was freaking ridiculous. I kept checking them about every half hour or so after they had already been on for 4 hours. They wouldn't pass the "bend test" at all and even with a toothpick they still were not super tender. So they just kept going and going and going. 


Long story short, I didn't get these ribs off the joe until around 12:30 am. I was so frustrated and STARVING haha. Even before I sauced them they still didn't "bend" too much. They probably should of gone even longer. For the first 3 to 4 hours I had my dome temp running around 230 ish. But near the end I had it up to around 265 or so. I was really thinking about foiling them to speed up the process. I didn't really wanna crank the heat up and risk burning them.'


So I don't know if these were like the thickest meatiest baby backs ever? Or what the deal was? I've cooked ribs several times and never taken this long. And it was only 1 rack. Normally food takes longer if you have a bunch of food on the grill. But last night it was only 1 rack of ribs.


So it was a very very late dinner for me. I still took photos for you guys. So I hope you enjoy them.






Got up early and prepped the ribs with some mustard for the rub to stick to.



Seasoned with the Killer Hogs "The BBQ Rub" and put in the fridge for around 9 hours.




This is what we had after taking them out of the fridge.



I hit them again with another light coating of the rub before getting them on the kamado



I had 3 chucks of peach wood. Was kinda tough getting a good picture cause there was a lot of smoke. lol



This is what they were looking like at 3 hours in. I was expecting them to be way more cooked than this.



This is my view from inside my kitchen. Just kept watching that thin blue smoke rolling all night.



So this was close to the 7 hour mark, and it still wasn't bending too much. But I couldn't wait anymore. Was so hungry.



Added my sauce and let it go about another 20 min for that sauce to set.



Here they are just resting for a few min now.




Cut up and plated. Like I said in my post, I probably should of let these go a little longer than they did. They weren't really tough, but not as tender as I like. But still really moist and finger licking good. lol




Thanks for looking.

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BBQ can be stubborn sometimes.



I had a tiny 6lb brisket flat defy all logic on me several months ago.    I swear it took longer to cook than a 16 lb packer would.   :?:



There were also two racks of ribs on there but they cooked in the normal time....with normal results.



For what it's worth....those ribs you cooked look great.   I've never tried that rub.  How would you describe the flavor of it ?




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