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Grill Dome restoration project - the sequel!


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As a s follow-up to my first Grill dome restoration (see http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/10848-grill-dome-rebuild-project/?p=118416), I'm planning a second Grill Dome restoration later this year.

One consideration will be to re-glaze instead of a re-paint. Unlike other Kamado's that use a glazed surface, Grill Dome's have a heat resistant paint surface.

The challenge will be to locate a local potter equipped with a kiln large enough to fit the GD.

If it proves successful, I may also choose to repaint my original rebuilt GD (see picture below) as it has since chipped again due to some issues with the refinishing process.


Just curious - for those of you who own glazed Kamados (i.e. Vision, BGE, KJoe), have you ever experienced any issues with the finish?

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@jkill73 The spider webbing effect (aka "crazing") seems to be common for glazed Kamadaos. I have never heard about "pimpling". That's new. @Bosco, @Jon.B -> If you have pics, would be interesting to see. Did this happen before or after high-temp cook?

@Addertooth - Agreed. Resurfacing a GD is extremely challenging since it has to be "bone dry" for max adhesion and cure. Tile needs special high-heat adhesive and grout, and will add weight to the lid. I considered it but the compact spring hinge of the GD is only rated for the weight of the lid with paint.

I'm currently researching a ceramic-based chrome paint rated for high temp - used to coat exhaust manifolds. The results could prove interesting.

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