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    • By Charcoal Addict
      I had to have some fun with my keywords for this post. You know those keywords are going to show-up in Google. You tease us with a shot of a soapstone griddle still sitting in it's box begging to be reviewed.
      It's been a month John. Not to be pushy. We're all dying to see some pics of some soapstone cooks. Soapstone loves the heat more than any other cooking accessory for the Joe. Soapstone can survive temps would burn off the seasoning on Cast Iron and temps that would warp and melt the Grill Grates.
      I want to submit my formal protest on behalf of the other KJ owners on the forum. Can you post some pics of some soapstone cooks?
      Pretty, Pretty, please with Rib-Eye's on top!
    • By Rob_grill_apprentice
      Tonight I am trying grill fried chicken recipe that John has that at the Kamado Joe website recipe section. Only difference is I have the thighs in the marinade in a vacuum marinating container. I will post pictures of final product once finished.
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