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I need your help. I’m posting an alert here as I know that the Pinned items at the top of the forum sometimes just become noise that we ignore. Well there is a new Pinned post at the top that directs you to Vote for the next Challenge Categories. If you want to participate in the Challenges then this is your chance to help influence what choices will be available. Even if you don’t participate in the Challenges, it’s still is in your interest to Vote as these Challenge posts are some of the best cooks on this forum. You will learn and sometimes be amazed at the creativity the participants come up with.


Please visit the Kamado Guru Polls forum and Vote for the next Challenge Categories you’d like to see. Remember that there are two threads so visit them both before voting. You may want to vote for some in thread #1 and others in Thread #2. Please Vote for up to 10 categories. The Polls will close on Sunday and the next Challenge will be up on Monday.


Thank you for your consideration.

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