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Smoked and Braised Chuckie

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Howdy Gurus!


Monday evening, I looked in the freezer to see what I had for dinner on Tuesday evening.  There was a chuck roast, almost the last of a cow my brother and I had slaughtered and butchered.  I pulled it and thawed it.  Below are the results of yesterday's cook.


Here is a picture of the guest of honor right out of the package.




I decided to lay some smoke, peach smoke specifically, on the chuckie.  I got this at Academy.  I only used a couple of pieces directly in the heart of the lit lump.




I was doing this indirect, hence the heat deflector.  I"ll be laying on the smoke at 250ish.  No big deal as the real key to this cook is the braising which comes later.




I always like to keep my kamados as clean as possible, so I always set a drip pan on my heat deflector.  A clean kamado is a safe kamado; no flashbacks for this Okie!




And finally here is the chuckie on the grate.  The temp probes are to the new iGrill thermometer that operates on BlueTooth.  Red for the cook; yellow for the grate temp.  I seasoned with my Embarrassed Zebra rub.  Salt, pepper, granulated garlic, paprika, and cayenne.  As many of you know Beauty! has thermometer probes built in the side through which you can run probes and their wires.  Curved probes negate that capability, especially those that have a collar (red and yellow in this case.  Hence the probe wires sitting on the lip of Beauty!




I smoked this chuckie to about 160F internal according to the probe.  Following is a pic of the chuckie at the end of this smoke.




Here is picture of the chuckie in a pan with a liquid of beef broth and merlot wine.  The veggies are red skin potatoes, turnips, carrots, and grossly chopped onions.  Braising is classically combination cooking technique that consists of a sear on the meat and then a lower temp cook in a vessel, generally with some liquid in the bottom.  Many of you may know this technique as pot roasting, hence the term pot roast!




And here is the chuckie all buttoned up with its foil covering getting ready to be braised at a temp of 350F.  It's back on Beauty! for the duration of the cook.




Here is a picture of Beauty! holding rock solid smack dab in the middle of a rain storm.




Here's the iGrill sitting on the KK teak side table. It's sitting under a glass bowl to protect it from the rain coming down and swirling around.  Notice the water on the table.  All in all Iwas quite pleased with the performance of the iGrill temperature unit.  I had little if any problems with the BlueTooth.  This was the first real test and it went well.  I can recommend it.  




This next pic shows the finished product still in the pan after about 5 hours in the roasting portion of the cook.




Here is a pic showing that the bone in the chuckie just easily wiggled loose.




And finally here is a plated pic of the cook; braised chuckie, root veggies, and a green salad.  SWMBOI and I used some of the broth over the meat and on the root veggies.  Scrumptious!  The chuckie, which can tend to the tough side, was really tender.  Total time on smoke was about 2.5 hours and total time braising was about 6.5 hours.  Because of the braise, the chuckie was incredibly moist.  All in all, this was a very successful cook.




I normally would reduce the liquid in the pan and make a gravy.  But, SWMBOI's stomach thought her throat and been cut and she wanted to eat NOW!  So, ever mindful of who butters my bread ...!


Thanks for looking in!

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Love a good roast. Looks amazing



d3n3 - thanks!  I appreciate it very much.  BTW - I really LOVE your avatar.  I'm a Cards fan from YEARS back.  I'd listen to games ever night on KMOX with my transistor radio!  Gibbons, Flood, McCarver.  Those were the days!

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YUM!!  great looking chuckie and  nice meal !!


dlew - thanks for the kind words.  Next time I think I'd cut the smoke phase down to about an hour.  SWMBOI took some for lunch today.  He said the smell coming out of the microwave was wonderful, she met people she'd never met before, but the taste today was overwhelmed by the smoke element.  

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Awesome looking roast!


Love the iGrill2, and agree on the BT being finicky at times; typically a restart of the app does the trick, but overall a great monitor in my book.


bjunge - Thanks for the compliment.  I appreciate it.  As for the iGrill, the only time it disconnected was when I went to the mailbox, about 75' away and through 3 brick walls.  No big deal.  When I got back to check on the cook, all I did was let everything re-pair and we were back in business.

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CC, that's doing it up BIGGG. Absolutely delicious looking chuck. Nicely done my man!!


magician - it was a fun, easy, and tasty cook!  Thanks for the compliments.  The only down sides were no real gravy and the rain.  I'll take it!  Thanks again.

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Holy crap that looks good CC!  Well done.


Bigs - thanks for the kudos.  Its appreciated.  


Cooks like that are really no big deal.  Anyone here can do the very same thing.  They are dead simple.  What do you think I do them?   :rofl:

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nice cook buddy!!!  love the igrill rain cover... looks like pyrex brand


Hey, Thanks, bosceaux!  It was easy peasy fun.  And you have a keen eye on the rain shield!  Kudos to ya!

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