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Question for Joe Jr owners.

Oly Smokes

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Oh ok. Yeah I normally do spatchcock too. But I've had the KJ chicken stand for a while now and haven't used it yet. Not a big deal if it won't fit standing upright on a jr I hope to get next week. Now I have my new classic that will work good for that.

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Well I guess this would be my solution. I remember seeing this post a long time ago and just came across it again. Would need to buy a few extra parts, but with the ability to lower the entire cooking rack a little he said you can use the chicken stand on the jr.

Looks like a very nice concept for doing a two zone cook on a jr. Although it would still be tight on space for most cooks. But it's a possibility, having to use BGE pieces for their small grill


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I plan on trying a beer butt chicken on the Joe Jr and it looks like there are a few ways to squeeze a chicken into the Jr.


Has anyone experimented with more than one of these methods and have a preference? (Cook directly on heat deflector without grid, lower the heat deflector with hooks, remove the fire ring etc)




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