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    • By JohnnyAppetizer
      A recent post here on KG on an old kamado intrigued me. I started looking into old kamados independently and later found some links here on KG. I found some old manuals on cleaning, caring for and cooking on Imperial clay kamados. Interesting history re: importing and developing an American market, and the shift to ceramics.
       I remember reading some years back about the development of charcoal for recreational cooking 1935-36, and about Hollywood stars having a charcoal grill. Backyard grilling was something new and exciting. Charcoal making for other purposes goes back way further than that.
       I grew up post WW ll, and in the 60's I know for sure we had a back yard grill.
       I am interested in your stories, your first grill and how you got to the grill you have today. Particularly interested if you have had or are using a clay kamado, or any older models you may have started with. Any and all stories, however brief or detailed are welcome.
    • By Dale
      I'm selling my Vision Classic. Price is $260. Cooker is in great shape! Here's the Craigslist posting:
      I am having a problem uploading images, contact me if you need more info...
    • By eeichhorn
      For anyone interested, the Joetisserie fits and works perfectly on the 19" Saffire Kamado.
      Here are some pics of my last cook.
      Chicken doner recipe with homemade pita, turned out delicious.

    • By enormous13
      Welp, it looks like it's time for a new fire bowl for my Vision Classic B, or to at least make Vision aware of my issue.  I emailed Vision's help account earlier this morning and we'll see what we get back.  
      I’ve owned the grill for a little over a year and I first noticed small, hairline cracks in the fire bowl maybe a couple months ago, which I knew occur normally.  Unfortunately, these small cracks have developed into what you can see in the pictures.  The cracks are all the way through the bowl at this point, and the two cracks are growing directly across from each other in the bowl, so I'm a little concerned with the structural integrity.  
      I’m not familiar with their warranty process, but I've read that they're pretty good.  
      Anybody with any similar experiences?

    • By KamadoGriller
      Hello, I have had my Saffire for about a year and a half now and wanted to be apart of a Kamado community where i can learn some new recipes and tips.
      I mostly have smoked turkeys (as you can see from my profile picture) and each time i amazed with how juicy a delicious the turkey is.  I never liked turkey before because every time i had turkey it was dry, but now i love it ever since i have been smoking it on my Saffire. That is my testimony on why i believe Ceramic Grills are the best and now I never want to have any meat unless it is done on a Ceramic Grill.

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