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Acron rusted out. Very disappionted

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On 7/4/2020 at 8:56 AM, eflyguy said:

Yeah, my profile says KJ - I bought an XL two years ago, it's still in the box on the palette. Only one option allowed in your profile.

So you spent the money to buy a new KJ and you've left it sitting in the box for two years? Not even a tad bit curious to see if you'd like it better than the Akorn? Insanity

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Just put my Akorn to rest due to rust. I watch as sanitation tossed my old friend in back of the truck and drove down the road. It was just a baby at 6 years old. Now it's time to keep my eyes open for a off season sale on a ceramic kamado. No more rusted metal for me.

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