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Memorial Day Akorn Inauguration

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bhop's baked beans:

1. Sweat down a sweet Vidalia in enameled cast iron pot. Salt and pepper toward the end.

2. Add 2 lbs ground chuck. Brown and strain. Season to taste. I use Cavenders Greek usually. Really doesn't matter.

3. Add 52 Oz can of Showboat pork n beans

4. Add a fistful or so of dark brown sugar

5. Squirt a few squiggly lines worth of yellow mustard

6. Add about 1/4 cup of your favorite bbq sauce

7. Cover the pot and stick in the oven on 225

8. Bake at 225 -300 for a few hours. Enjoy.


Pork Loin (sacrificial meat donated by my mother in law)




Kosher salt

Cracked black pepper

Ground thyme

White pepper


Smuckers orange marmalade (1/2 jar)

Homemade pepper sauce

Minced jalapeƱos

Combination of tablespoon of butter, Dale's, Apple cider vinegar, and bourbon (any will do). I used the bottom of an Eagle Rare bottle I had. Heat on cook top over medium heat to blend.

Stir that beautiful mess up and stick in the fridge until you're ready for it.

Grilled corn

Sausage and cheese plate

Key lime pie courtesy of one Miss Sara Lee.

I'm any bout to go squeeze in a golf round but I'll update later with pics if I can get them before everyone eats it all! Happy memorial day, everybody! [emoji631] [emoji631] [emoji631] [emoji631] [emoji631] [emoji631] [emoji631] [emoji631] [emoji631] [emoji631] [emoji631]


Thunderstorm rolled in. Having to improvise local. 4a9b9d16ba7ed416c4d3dbb5cf2763cb.jpg

Sausage app and chicken for the food allergen guest.

Loin added as well.



Glaze added:


Pork ' s done:


Kind of a money shot...


My plate:




Angel's Envy & Obsidian smoke[emoji16]

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Nice looking cook. I do like some BBQ beans. Thanks for sharing.

I completely forgot to post the chicken pics but it was good. This whole thing was basically an experiment and temp control was really more of my concern than everything else. Held between 325 and 375 really well. I really opened too much i think trying to get pics. That being said, after 3 years of cooking with propane infrared, the crowd I cooked for said they preferred the flavor of the akorn. Now I don't know if they were just being polite or what, but I will say the moisture levels were unrivaled and I am really looking forward to using this thing this summer.

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