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First Kamado Cook - Bone-in Ribeye

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I've seasoned my CI grate three times in the oven.  Is that enough?  I've seen suggestions that say as many as 6 times...


I have a bone-in ribeye that I got on sale, and I'm thinkin just salt and pepper w/ a little garlic.  See what flavor the grill can add.


I don't have a diffuser, so this is going to be direct heat, and I plan on popping it on a very hot grill to medium well.


I bought burger meat Sunday afternoon with the steak, but the burger meat turned gray already, which is unusual.  I'll ask the meat department about that.


Any tips on this would be helpful.  I'll post a pic later if it's not an utter disaster.



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I seasoned my grate once when I bought it and then re-oil it after every cook unless I forget.  I've had mine for about a month and it seems to be doing just fine.


As for the ribeye, all I ever use is S&P, garlic and just started using montreal steak again.  You'll be fine with direct heat if its less than 1 1/2" thick.  I fire mine up to 600* or so for direct when im cooking steaks.  You'll be fine, especially if you plan on cooking it medium well... hard to mess that up.




I'm also cooking some ribeyes tonight, ill try to post some pics if I dont forget.

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Same here.  Seasoned once then I add cooking spary every time I clean my grate.  Nothing sticks to it.


Most times I cook steaks, chicken etc it's pretty much direct.  I cut an aluminum pizza pan in half to use as a deflector in case.  Kept the other half safely stored.

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Frustrating night.  Had the dogs next door breaking through the fence while my steak was on.  I was rigging it with boards in the way to keep my dog safe and I turned around and the steak was getting flamed to high hell. had been for several minutes.  I probably didn't even need to flip it, it was light grey on top.  I was pretty mad about it.


I meant to say medium rare instead of medium well.  It was pretty far from that.  I'll try it again soon.  I bought a pork tenderloin last night and was thinking about doing that tonight.

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