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Keeping the temp at 225..


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Hi, new guy here. Got a classic Joe and did first cook but I had the reverse problem, not enough lump. Good to know that you start full for any cook.

Welcome! Be sure to make a post in the introductions thread! 


I don't always start full on every cook, I just stir the ash, use the ash tool as needed, and top off as necessary.


But that's for a quick cook.


For a long weekend cook, I'll pull out the big chunks, sort the smaller chunks, and empty the rest. There's tools that can help with this, as others will attest to, but I view each cook as a learning process. 


If I could advise anything to a new Kamado owner, I would suggest a log of some sort. Notebook, digital notes on your phone or tablet, whatever helps you learn. I started journaling about 3 months in, and it helped. I don't do much any more for standard well known recipes, but if I try a new recipe or technique, I log it.

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On 6/1/2015 at 8:24 PM, bwarbiany said:

Just saw your follow-up, Rob, that'd you posted while I was typing. Yeah, three spots is a problem.

Also, don't overshoot. Let it heat soak AT 225. If you let it heat soak at 275, that's a LOT of thermal mass that doesn't want to cool back down...

I have the same issue .... aiming at 250 and now at 357 .... how do I get it down?  lower and upper vents tightly closed ....

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On 6/1/2015 at 11:40 PM, retfr8flyr said:

If I am doing a 225° cook I fill the firebox and only light the very middle and only a very small spot. I usually use 1/2 of a starter stick for low and slow. After the stick burns out I close the lid, with the vents open and let it get to about 200°. That is when I start shutting down the vents and let it stabilize at 225°. I let it get good and heat soaked while i'm getting everything else ready. I then open the lid, add whatever wood chunks I will be using for that cook, the defuser plates, the grills and close the lid again. I then wait for the temps to come back up and the smoke to turn the correct thin blue color. When the temps are where I want them and the smoke is the correct color, that is when I put the meat on and really start my cook.

I followed these instructions precisely and had 3 hours of steady 225F. Thank you!

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