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another Tip Top Temp mount

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I was going to put this in the accessories section but since its only for the Akorn (I think) I put it here


I got the unit today and mounted it with 5/32" threaded rods, some nuts and piece of flat metal. I am going to find a better piece tomorrow at work but this serves as a mockup. Its way to thin to use as is. Probably get wing nuts for the underside too for easy removal


Have not tried it but dont see why it wouldnt work





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not sure where the wing nuts will end up at. Right now the threaded rod is secured to the unit with a nut on each side. So the rods stay on the controller.


But having the wing nuts on the underside might gunk them up, I may spray them with Pam and take the controller off after every cook, I dont think they would get all crudded up that way but I am not really sure. 

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Oh I missed the nut in the underside of the controller.  But yeah I don't think it would gum up too much.  Worth a try.

reasons for the double nuts on the controller was to eliminate any possible leaks there and also to hold the whole thing together so its easier to deal with

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I got my TTT in the mail today. I mounted mine by simply taking a length of picture framing wire and twisting it tightly around the bottom of the top vent and securing it by twisting the ends together. Then I took another piece and twisted it around my top vent handle and then around the top of the TTT and secured it by twisting it back to itself tightly at the handle. I then took another piece of wire and slipped it under the wire on the bottom on the other side and ran it around the top of the TTT also and secured it by twisting it tightly to itself also. It stayed in place while I ran a test fire and opened and closed the grill several times. I ran the grill from 250 up to 450 with no problems holding temps well. I extinguished the grill by simply closing the vents as usual with the TTT still in place.


I will try and get some pictures later.







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When ever I am trying to fix a problem creatively--I try to find a simple--easy--quick--and easily repeatable solution. You have hit all of those requirements and more.  The only  down side I can see is it really needs to be covered or water will get in the top--but that is just the way the unit is designed.


Great idea.

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