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Uncrating of a 23" Komodo Kamado in Toronto ***VERY PIC HEAVY***


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As some of you may know I have been waiting on delivery of my Komodo Kamado 23", well the wait is over. My Komodo was delivered yesterday the first thing I asked the driver was "can you bring it in the backyard" his reply was"oh boy! This thing is heavy". With alot of huffing and puffing we managed to pull the pump cart with the Komodo in the backyard.

This is what the crate looks like...

The crate is so well constructed and with some well thought out features. One feature is the top of crate turn into a ramp to roll the Komodo of the skid...post-7525-0-01079400-1433454630_thumb.jp

This is my new girl, its probably the only girl that likes being called huge. She is huge in person...post-7525-0-97231700-1433455421_thumb.jp

The Komodo is loaded with goodies...post-7525-0-69428500-1433455481_thumb.jp

The interior and firebox is second to none. No cracking this this bad girl...post-7525-0-24117600-1433455586_thumb.jp

The heat deflector is, how can I say it, solid. Its at least 1.25" thick...post-7525-0-61969200-1433455851_thumb.jp

With this charcoal basket you will have no issues with ash blocking the air holes...post-7525-0-96913100-1433456590_thumb.jp

Now I've seen some quality grids but the Komodo grids are fabulous 3/8" of 304 stainless steel the build and finish is impressive. The lower grid has a flap thats open too...post-7525-0-17817900-1433456789_thumb.jp

Next is the main or middle grid. It is the same quality and it has a flap too. The lower grid is below with the flap open...post-7525-0-77161000-1433456949_thumb.jp

The upper grid is perfect for a spatchcock...post-7525-0-52230300-1433457478_thumb.jp

All grids have handles to make life easy but Komodo says not everyone may have welding gloves so I better include these grid lifters. The handles must be teak and they look great...post-7525-0-23949200-1433457709_thumb.jp

I ordered a cover with my Komodo. The cover is made from the Sunbrella fabric it comes with a bow nice touch...post-7525-0-81813700-1433458009_thumb.jp

Heres the stocking stuffer all kinds of extras just in case. No nickel and diming you Komodo sends them even though you won't need them post-7525-0-04511600-1433458395_thumb.jp

My Komodo with her new friends still not sure about exact placement...post-7525-0-09599600-1433458523_thumb.jppost-7525-0-24820400-1433458624_thumb.jp

If you have never handled a Komodo the dome is self opening. Undo the locking latch and the dome opens up. The dome is also easy close, two fingers of pressure is all that is needed due to this massive spring...post-7525-0-86361700-1433458845_thumb.jp

Remember what I said at the beginning about the crate features well here's another a handy crow bar included in the crate...post-7525-0-29607700-1433459248_thumb.jp

Here's a close up shot of Komodo...post-7525-0-37180600-1433459312_thumb.jp

The behind shot of my grilling area...post-7525-0-93764500-1433459396_thumb.jp

The Komodo under her fancy cover...post-7525-0-73093400-1433459475_thumb.jp

Thats it for now. I told you it was a lot of pictures, all kamados are under cover their big brother pizza oven too...post-7525-0-01398100-1433459635_thumb.jp

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why does it look so clean?  shouldn't you cook on it?  this is grounds for a warning point!

I do deserve the warning point. I am waiting till Saturday to do a curing burn/cook. I still could cook at any temp under 450f I believe till I do the the cure. I still eating my brisket leftovers from the weekend. Bad planing on my part.

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tiny -what a simply marvelous day for you! You've been patiently waiting and now your patience has paid off ... in spades! My friend, I couldn't be happier for you!

Now all you have to do is do the burn in to set everything in the elastomeric, and at the end of that process, sear off some great steaks, and you're on your way!

Congratulations! What a great day!

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