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Sous Vide Prime Filet

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Tried my first Sous Vide tonight.

Prime Filet, Corn on the Cob and Asparagus, ALL 100% Sous Vide except for a quick sear for the steak.


My Filet was 2 1/4" thick, one weighed 11.5oz the other was 11.9oz




Vacuum sealed with butter, fresh Rosemary, and fresh garlic.




I set the Sous Vide for 131 degrees, there were numerous conflicting ideas at how long I should cook this for.

One site says 1 1/2" to 2" steaks (Filet) from 45 minutes to 4 hours.

The next says a 1" Filet is 1 hour, but a 2" Filet is squared at 3 hours.

Most seem to sorta agree on 2" Filet about 2 to 2 1/2 hours was the general consensus.

Since this was a fat 2 1/4" I set the timer for 3 hours at 131.


Asparagus I cut off the woody parts, shaved the bottom few inches and placed in a vacuum seal bag with lots of butter and Lemon Tyme seasoning.


The Corn on the Cob I just put in a Heavy Duty Freezer Zip Lock, will use a Vacuum sealed bag next time as the Zip Lock keeps inflating with air from the steam so I had to keep opening and letting air out every 10 minutes. Had to put a wire rack on top of the corn to try to keep it down.

I cooked the corn about 35 minutes at 185 degrees in a regular pot and I just adjusted the flame to try to keep it as close to 185 as I could for 35 minutes, never went lower than 184 nor higher than 188.


The Asparagus I put in the same pot at 185 for 5 minutes.




I pulled the Filet out at 3 hours, pulled out of the bag, and dried them off really well, sprayed with Coconut oil and sprinkled Borsari Savory Seasoning on them, (Sea Salt, fresh garlic, fresh basil, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme, fresh lavender, black pepper, nutmeg).




Put them in a red hot cast iron skillet with coconut oil in it.

Seared for about 15 seconds on each side, flipped 15 seconds flipped back and 15 more seconds, did this 3 times for about 45 seconds per side.

The last 20 seconds I added butter in the skillet.

Got a nice even brown sear on both sides.




The Corn came out perfect, the Asparagus was perfect, and quite honestly this was the most tender and flavorful Filet I have ever eaten and in 56 years I have eaten A LOT of Filet in some of the finest restaurants around. And I thought I had it down with the Red Neck Sue Veed, Reverse Sear on the Kamado which was really getting close to this, I have had some really nice steaks the past 3 years but I gotta say the actual Sous Vide is really unbeatable.

I could literally cut this with a fork and for Filet it had a nice flavor as the Rosemary and garlic permeated nicely for 3 hours.

I usually prefer Rib Eye because the flavor is usually superior to Filet, but Dayum.


I used our usual cast iron Fajita plates that I heated in a 500-degree oven for about 45 minutes so they were sizzling hot and steaks and Asparagus sizzled away as we were eating and all stayed warm until the last bite.


All in all a good first Sous Vide.


I think on my next Filet I will do 130 degrees, bring it down 1 degree.


Can't wait to do some cheaper cuts now.



Oh and of course, a fine wine.

A vintage 2000 Anciano Tempranillo aged 10 years in oak and 5 years laid in my wanna be cellar that I decanted about 45 minutes before dinner to let it breathe.



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WOW! Looks like a great meal, very nice looking,  How did the aromatics do?  Strong or eh?

Wasn't strong no, was just right, had a nice little background flavor of garlic and rosemary.

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Time to crack open the wallet and buy a sous vide.

This site is making me broke.


Don't forget you'll need that Vacuum Sealer so if you don't already have one, that's another cost BUT...you'll love the Sous Vide.  If you have the time to prep your food a few hours ahead, man does it make the meat come out tender.  It's even better on pork loin or chops and the same with chicken breast.  Many of the top restaurants in the world are using Sous Vide - they may just not advertize it. 

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Nah, had enough of stuff leaking out through ziplock bags.  They pay for themselves when you buy meat in bulk, freeze slices and just throw it straight into the Sous Vide when you're ready to cook.  Simple and easy. 

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Nah, had enough of stuff leaking out through ziplock bags.  They pay for themselves when you buy meat in bulk, freeze slices and just throw it straight into the Sous Vide when you're ready to cook.  Simple and easy.

I've had 3 seals let go on vacuum sealed meats that went into the freezer recently. Really irritated with that.

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