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Golden's Cast Iron Cookers

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I saw this on the Guru FB page, They are Cast Irion Kamado's and I cant find anything on them.



This is what the post said. We just finished these iron cookers today. We will be cooking at the Budweiser and Burgers competition tomorrow in Columbus Ga. Goldens' Foundry has been making modern cast iron since 1882. Still owned by the same family. Tomorrow will be the first public viewing. Any of you close to the area please come and see us. We will be cooking from 4pm to 10pm at 11th and bay ave.


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The biggest problems I see with cast iron kamados are rust, it seems they would burn more lump since there is virtually no insulating value to cast iron, and since no insulating value to cast iron, these kamados would pose a very real and serious burn problem.

Your can overcome rust with an exterior coating, but having essentially no insulating value, how you get past the burn problem leaves me shaking my head.

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The specific gravity (effectively the weight per unit of volume relative to water) is roughly twice for Cast Iron as it is for most ceramics.  Assuming the dimensions are identical, a cast iron Kamado would weigh twice as much.  However, a cast iron Kamado could be half as thick and still mechanically as strong.  I would normally guess the shell is not an inch thick, if it is fabricated with cast iron.  Thermal loss would be much higher, but keep in mind smokers such as the Weber Smoky Mountain  (WSM) uses thin sheet metal steel, which has a thin ceramic veneer.  The WSM is a fine smoker and can do a pork butt with a single load of charcoal and wood.  For those who smoke fish at 170 degrees, it would be easier to achieve and hold lower temperatures due to the greater thermal loss.  Searing and pizza temperatures would be the opposite end of the issue.  You could likely bake thin bread on the exterior of the dome. 

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Hey guys. Catching up a little late on this, but I wanted to make sure I responded.


First of all, and full disclosure, I'm one of the proprietors of the company responsible for these Goldens' Cast Iron Cookers...however, prior to January, I'd never cooked on a kamado style grill. We'd talked for a while about developing this concept and put it off for various reasons, until finally we were talked into getting a working prototype developed. We did that in December 2014. I finally took it home (mounted on my trailer hitch on my truck btw) and had a ball one weekend cooking steaks, burgers, beer can chicken, butts, brisket and ribs. Keeping in mind, it was my first experience on one of these, I was amazed at how easy they are to cook on. Temperature control is a breeze. Lump coal can be reused after a cook is over. Heat retention in the cast iron awesome. And the smoke and flavor packed into the meat, man was it good! So, I was sold. Since that time, we've gotten about 15 cookers put together and are getting feedback from those who are using them. We don't know what the future holds, but are excited about the opportunity.


I'm extremely interested in the feedback you all have provided. And I know that there are some of you who are skeptical as to the engineering and performance of a cast iron kamado. Cast iron is heavy, it rusts and gets hot, right. It doesn't have the insulating characteristics that ceramic does. It might be bullet and hurricane proof, but the efficiencies are just not there.


So my thought is this: Give me a design of experiment that would test some of those theories. What we'll do is set up a cook side by side with the competition and let the results speak for themselves. I'm talking about scale measured lump coal, thermocouple temperature evaluation inside and IR gun for shell temp measurements...anything else you specify, we'll look into.


I'll follow up with this group as to the date and time of the test and then publish all the results. If you have any questions about the product itself, let me know, and I'll answer all I can.


If you need proof, I'll provide more pictures of some of my cooks (as soon as I figure out how to do it). Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

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