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    • By INDYsmoke
      I just got an early xmas gift, a Maverick et-733 dual probe thermometer. I'm psyched and can't wait to use it. Up until now I've used a cheapo $5 digital instant read probe that I got at Wal-mart. We are having a pot luck at the office this week and I'm going to smoke a Boston butt for the event. Currently the temperature in central Indiana is hovering around 20 degrees. I have a question concerning the maverick transmitter and very low outdoor temps: Will the cold weather have a negative effect on it or cause any damage? I'm probably being overly cautious but I'm not wanting to ruin a brand new toy. Thanks for reading and I appreciate any input you have on this. 
    • By John Setzler
      This came on the brown truck today...  I only had a short time to play around with it but the software (Weber iGrill app) doesn't look so great overall and the bluetooth range in MY situation is far from optimal.  The two places I would like to monitor remotely from are both out of range (both are less than 25 feet from the grill.)  We'll see how the data logging goes tomorrow when I cook a boston butt...
    • By wangjt
      I know these were on sale last month for the same price but sold out quickly..  They just restocked their inventories.
      $40 - (use BBQ30) Rebadged Maverick ET-733
      $35 - (use BBQ25) Rebadged Maverick ET-732.
      Credit:  http://slickdeals.net/f/8619474-ivation-extended-range-wireless-bbq-thermometer-35-more-free-s-h
    • By wallawu
      When I got my Akorn and joined this site in May I thought yall were crazy for having dual probe thermometers.  My, how we evolve so quickly.  I just bought a Maverick et-732 and am planning on smoking a pork butt tomorrow, care-free. Plan on letting the IT get just over 200, then wrapping in foil and a towel for an hour (if there's a better method, please share.)
      My question is, before I do this, should I test the Maverick?  Is there a calibration that needs to be done?
      When I do it, should I stick the meat probe through the top, through the length side, or through the width of it?  How far from the bone should I be?
      Just want to make sure I get this done right.  Couldn't find quite the answers I was looking for using the search function.
      Thanks in advance!
    • By smoker08
      Just got off the phone with Firecraft about the upcoming ET-735. He didn't have a lot of answers but I'll give what I got from them.
      1. Release date has been pushed back to end of Feb
      2. ET-735 probes will be water resistent. Can clean under running water
      3. Didn't think new probes would work with older units, but will they will check when they get some in
      4. Said the new probes would probably be 6 footers
      5. Unit is a local / tx device. You must furnish the remote recieving device
      6. Unit is Bluetooth capable via iPhone® or Android® device
      7. Unit comes with 2 probes.
      8. Unit will be capable of 4 probes at once.
      9. Pretty sure the probes are hybride pointed meat/grid thermos will know more when they arrive
      10. Will work with your blue tooth even if you loose cell coverage as it's blue tooth NOT internet. You won't be able to check it while at work as it's not an internet device. That is as far as they know at this time.
      11. Repacement / additional probes from firecraft willl be $20 as of now.
      12. Cost of unit from firecraft $79.99
      13. From the picture displayed, it looks like it will only show 1 probe temp at a time. There is a setting button for the Blue tooth device but no picture showing what that option gives you. Maybe it has an option to show all the probe temps at one time. Will know when they arrive.
      14. Appears there is a timer setting on the blue tooth device. Hopefully there will be more than 1 timer available.
      Link for Firecraft and write up so far on the ET-735
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