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New Kamado Home

Team PCBeach

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My wife and I finally finished the job of building a new home for our Kamado Joe.  For two people that have never tiled before, we thought it came out OK.  Getting the Kamado in the hole took a lot of thinking as my wife is only 5' 2", but with some ratchet straps we figured it out.


Before Shot - post-8233-0-31105600-1434313334_thumb.jp


Framing Done - post-8233-0-01327000-1434313336_thumb.jp


Electrical and Lights - post-8233-0-65587800-1434313337_thumb.jp


Cement board - post-8233-0-81533400-1434313338_thumb.jp


Tile - post-8233-0-59070500-1434313340_thumb.jp


Finished product - post-8233-0-78062700-1434313341_thumb.jp

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Thanks all.   The framing was done with modules bought from BBQCoach.  Once we knew what design we wanted we just picked modules of the right size and type.  Doors, drawers and gasser came from BBQGuys.  Seemed to have the best price on what we wanted.  Everything else was a result my wife's design.  Light polls are 4x4's, cut to height and stained.  Electrical was run in the back by routing a channel in the 4x4 and then covering with laminate before staining.  This was our first time doing any type of tile, but after watching many Youtube tips, we made it work.


WAY too many hours went into this project.

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The one with the knobs is the warming tray :).  Tonight we did our first reverse sear with lobster mac and cheese and asparagus.  The mac and cheese was in small cast iron pans and needed to leave the Kamado when I cranked it to searing temp.  Set the gasser at 250 and let the mac and cheese rest there.

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