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Brisket Redemption!

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So, a few weeks ago I ruined a brisket. I tried to go hot & fast, and ended up with a terribly dry brisket with a horrifically burnt bark.


We just had some family friends move in to the house next door. It's a young couple expecting their first child, so both sets of parents were helping them move, and everyone needed to eat.


I of course used this as an excuse to cook my appetizer challenge, but with 10 adults planning to attend, I needed something else... So I decided to redeem myself and cook a brisket RIGHT this time.


Got a 15# packer from Costco, USDA Prime at $3.39/lb  :shock:


Rubbed it with sriracha, then a 50/50 (by weight) S&P mix and then 10% of that combined weight with chipotle chile powder.


Instead of going hot & fast and trying to do it all in one day, I started it at 8 PM yesterday. Low and slow, baby!


Cooked to about ~165 IT, then wrapped in butcher paper. At 192 IT, at which point most of the brisket was probing *pretty* tender, I pulled it from the cooker and wrapped it foil & towels and put in the cooler. It stayed in there ~5 hours, at which point it was still 160 IT.


How did it come out? Ridiculously tender. In fact, overly tender, as it wouldn't pass the "pull test"; it would fall apart before trying to pull it. Absolutely moist. Even the flat was crazy moist. 


I think I redeemed myself.


Beefcake shot!



Arturo Fuente 8-5-8



Hanging out outside by the chimenea.



In the morning...



Plated up!


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Looks great, Brad.  I was just at Costco the other day and noticed how much cheaper the brisket meat was.  I think I'll be trying one for my next cook.


I did my second pulled pork this weekend.  The first time turn out so good, it made this second one seemed kind of dry, and I did everything pretty much the same.  The difference was this second meat was frozen from the original packaging, I wonder if that did it.  My guests still liked it, but I knew it wasn't as good inside.  There's gonna be good days and bad days, right?

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Looks great!  The meat selfie was pretty funny too.


I am wondering, does your Costco just have packers out with the flats?  Mine hasn't had any packers in a long time.


I've had a lot of luck finding packers... Although it does vary store-to-store.


The Costco closest to me (Laguna Niguel, CA) tends to not have as wide of a selection of Prime meats and of brisket. It's not bad, but it could be better. The store in Tustin, CA tends to be a lot better in that regard. I suspect it's a slightly more ritzy area, so they bring in more of the high-end stuff.


I'm pretty lucky in that I've got 5 Costco stores within 10 miles of my house, and if I expand it out to 20 mile range, it's a full 10 stores...

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