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Need Help - Trying to validate and sell Imperial Kamado


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Hello, everyone. I am new to the forum and hoped to use this as a resource.


Long story, short- I got a great deal on what appears to be an antique Imperial Kamado grill a few months back. Since then, I have put a little money into it with new gasket, thermometer, and a few accessories. The grill was fully in-tact when I purchased with no cracks and it works great.


That being said, I've decided to sell for personal reasons. Can someone give me an idea on what something like this is worth? I get the sense that this is a vintage or antique model. I've even seen some similar ones sell on ebay for $1,000.


Pictures are below.


Thanks so much for your help.






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It certainly is quite an example of a Kinuura Yaki Kamado.  It is atypically good condition (especially the intact firebox).  A collector may be willing to go as high as $1000.00,  but you will need to be very patient (many months, perhaps a year) to extract that price.  Short term, a price of $400 to $450 is more achievable from someone who is looking to actually use it (or wants it as a decorative accent). 

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I've been seeing a few brand new Imperial Kamados showing up on craigslist in Western Washington and they usually start out high retail BGE prices and after a couple months of repetitive multi posts they start to settle around $600 or less.


Personally, you'd have to be a collector with deep pockets to shell out that kind of $$$ for an earthenware pot that will be no where near as functional as a newer style ceramic Kamado

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