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7 pounds of #pork butt on a #KamadoJoe Junior

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I wanted to have some pulled pork made in advance for Father's day.  I didn't make the typical 2-4 butts at once, only enough for a meal was desired.  A 7+ pound butt was purchased (and was surprisingly well trimmed already).  The meat had some minor trimming done to it, cross-hatched and rubbed.  It was then slow smoked until it proved butter-tender (195-205 internal temperature depending on where it was measured).  In this case, the "Texas cheat (foil)" was used once the butt hit 165 internal temperature.  Sorry for the lack of final money-shot, it hasn't been served yet (it is for dinner today). 






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yes no problem!!  I fill my bowl right up, and turn the bracket upside down so the deflector and grill sit higher in the dome and make more room for the really long cooks.


I have done 16 hours with no issue this way.

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In the specific case of this cook, I had estimated it would be 9 to 12 hours.  So the bracket was not inverted, but the firebox was well-filled with charcoal and pecan wood chunks. 

The hunk of meat was large enough that inverting the bracket would have made problems with the meat clearing the dome.  Here is a picture of the charcoal/wood left afterwards.


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      they've been on for a bit, cruising at 215°f.  Going to finish each one differently but still debating the details.

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      This weekend I'm attempting my first dual-cook, a pork shoulder/butt and a brisket flat.  I have a KJ Classic and an Akorn Jr, so I could do the pork on the Junior and brisket on the classic and not worry about it.  But for the sake of only using one grill for two things that cook generally the same in terms of temp (also admittedly, I just kinda want to try it), I'm planning to use the extender rack on the KJ, put the butt on that then add the flat under it a few hours later as I'm anticipating less time for the flat than the butt (Never done just a flat, only packers, but I think the flats take less time?).  
      Has anyone ever done this?  My only concern is the butt dripping fat all over the brisket, not sure if that will change the flavor or get it all greasy and it's a big no-no?  Or will it not mess with the flat at all and if anything make it better from dripping fat all over it and keeping it from drying out?
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      Hello Kamado Peeps,
      Has ana awesome weekend.
      My friend did a low and slow leg of lamb on the Webber kettle and left it in sauce with the aim of enhancing the gravy. It sure did and pulled apart beautifully on the rolls, he also did not use any wood just natural spices.    
      So I had to do a cook myself. Went to this new meat shop (meat emporium Sydney) and the selection and quality is really good. I walked out over budget and decided to do some pork ribs a monster pcs.
      Spice: Pepper, salt, garlic, mustard, onion, paprika, sugar and cayenne pepper  
      Wood: Cheery and 1pcs pecan
      3 2 1 method – full proof as always, some 5-6 hours later yummy
      Keep smoking ….

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      Ok so I started my first pork butt cook with a pit temp of 275.  It is a 8 pound bone in pork but.  After 2 hours the internal meat temp is already 124!?!  Is this normal?  I was thinking at 275 I was looking at about an hour a pound?  I backed the pit down to 250.  Should I be worried or am I over thinking this?
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