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Gasket failure on new Vision S


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About two weeks ago I purchased a Vision Kamado S-series from Home Depot.  So far, the food I've made has been quite good.  I've only done the direct and raised-direct methods.  I'll be buying some kind of indirect equipment soon.  All-in-all I am very happy to move away from the gas grill to the Kamado.


However, I have one area of disappointment with the equipment.  That is the felt gaskets.  When I first setup the unit I did a single burn, no food, just to check things out.  Lighting and all went according to plan.  I allowed the temperature to pass into the high 600's, almost 700 F.  I was surprised at the state of the gaskets after one burn.




That was after one burn.  After four meals and one more clean burn the chimney gasket was pretty much burnt toast.




You can see the remains of the now useless gasket on the ground.  They crumble when picked up.  Additionally, you can see the heat and smoke jets on the inside of the chimney assembly.  I've a video of the smoke jetting out from under the rim of the chimney assembly.  There was a lot of heat there.  The main gasket is not holding up much better.




For an otherwise good experience I am disappointed in the quality of these gaskets.  I contacted the manufacturer and was told everything was ok and that the burn appeared to be normal wear.  I simply do not agree.  These gaskets are not sufficient.  I understand it is a consumable and replaceable part of the whole but I think there ought to be more durability than what I have experienced.  I've obtained a set of replacement Nomex gaskets from high-que (Amazon) and have already replaced the chimney gasket.  I am hopeful they will last much longer.


Just to close on a positive, the food I've prepared so far has been very good and we are liking the Kamado style of grilling and smoking.

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I have no idea why they insist on putting these felt gaskets on their Kamado, I mean how much more could the Nomex cost them, $5?

Mine managed to survive over a year but I didn't really start doing lots of Pizzas on it until after the first year.

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Yeah,  wool felt gaskets and high heat usually = quick wear. My advice is to call vision and pick up a couple of their nomex gasket sets. 24 something. These gaskets are cut to fit the Vision grill in terms of both height and width. I put two new gaskets on my Vision while I had it. Both were Vision nomex and both handled high heat well and did not present any alignment issues when the new gaskets were applied. 





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Did you tell Vision how old they were?    They are covered by warranty....I just made a claim for mine and they were close to 1yr old and they did offer to replace them.   They also offer Nomex ones which cost a bit more but hopefully are worth it so I decided to try that.

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mine looks really burnt after a couple of cooks at really hi temps, did some pizza the other day and the kamado when way past 700. It still works and it still seals really nicely, as I am capable of maintaining temp of 225 for 8 hours or more.


I ordered some nomex gasket from amazon and have it at hand for when it completely fails.  I would hate to not have my vision available at any given time in the sumer.


keeperovdeflame, what is that grill you have in your vision? and the set up you use for pizza, where can I find it?



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