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Pizza on the Vision


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My 13 year old son decided to do pizza tonight. Here's what he came up with:

2.5 cups flour

1 cup warm water 110°

1 pack yeast

2 teaspoons salt

2.5 tablespoons veg. oil

Mix all ingredients except flour, and place in a Kitchen-ade with dough attachment, and gradually add flour until it forms a ball, separates from the sides of the bowl and holds its own shape (about5-7 minutes). Next, take it out of the mixer, mead into a tight ball, then place a damp towl over the bowl and let the dough double inside, or at least rest for .5-1 hour depending on room temp.

Next, take the dough out of the bowl and cut it into two halves, then, with your hands, spread the dough out in a circular motion, think old-style pizzeria where they are spinning the dough, using the tips of their fingers like a pole, twirling the pizza in a circular motion.


After the dough's rolled out in somewhat circular form, add your sauce.


Next, find a good topping. I cooked boneless chicken breast last night and had a bunch left over. So I put a little mozzarella, a little cheddar, along with the chicken and some sautéed opinions and peppers.


On the grill it goes. I decided to change it up a bit, instead of using a stone as a diffuser, under a pizza stone, I just used my metal broil plate as a diffuser, which allowed significantly more heat to the pizza.



Perhaps it was a little too much heat, as the bottom got somewhat blackened, after only about 8-9 minutes. I personally loved the taste of the extra dark cracker crust. It was crunchy like a cracker, with a slight char. I would be inclined to cook it this way again.

Pizza's real easy, guys. My 13 year old son pretty much made this from start to finish, a great project to do with the kids and a great way to blow through left-overs in the fridge that need used up.

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