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Hot Legs Love – Texas Pete Drumsticks

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Hot Legs Love – Texas Pete Drumsticks


The drumsticks were served with broccoli and a salad.  The salad had Kamado roasted corn kernels from an earlier cook added along with orange sweet peppers and fresh cilantro and I made a garlic, oil, and lime juice dressing.  Yummm..





I have cooked Texas Pete basted chicken before (thighs - http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/19300-texas-pete-chicken-thighs-aka-hot-thighs/?p=250747 ) but this time I went with drumsticks and no additional seasoing or any marinating.  Like a supersized pegleg. 


These were cooked at roughly 425 indirect to permit building the flavor layers.  No seasoning on the chicken when placed on the grill.  After 20 minutes turning once of naked cooking to set the skin, the Texas Pete Buffalo Wing sauce was basted on the chicken.  I used mesquite wood  during both phases of the cook as I find it nicely complements the Texas Pete.


Cooking Away




 I basted every 10 minutes and turned the drumsticks as appropriate as well as rearranged on the grill.   Classic Joe held a full dozen which was one package from the store. 



Glaze Building Up




Total cook time was about 1H15 minutes.  The glazing was build up over the course of almost an hour which resulted in a  nice heavy coating with deep flavor of many layers that was spicy but not over the top.  I used 3/4 of a bottle on these dozen.   This is why no seasoning other than the Texas Pete is used on the chicken.  It’s just not necessary.  And it is not necessary off the grill to toss them in any additional sauce.  (But you could if you wished.)  The flavor profile is not just a surface sauce taste in this cook. It goes deep and is enriched by the grilling process.


Love Them Legs




And A Flavorful Fresh Salad




If you are looking for something different for your 4th of July get together - may I suggest a grill load of these.



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Smoke - that money shot is so gorgeous it's illegal! Beautiful cook. Kudos!

Texas Pete is one of my favorite hot sauces. It's not too hot so you can use it in cooks for the whole family and it adds a lot of flavor across the board.

Very nice cook!

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Smokehouze --i am glad to see you are keeping up your high standard as you cook with the range that you do.

Thanks.  Hard to keep up with the crowd of great cooks that post here - but that's what keeps it fun, inspiring, and educational.  Always happy to share.

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